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Alfonso A.

Current Rate: $8,000 | $50/hr

Tijuana, México (PST)

Seasoned IT professional with a yearning passion for reinventing myself daily. Proven expertise in all fields related
to software development, software testing, and data analytics. I believe in deep work and that discipline will
always overcome talent.


Sonatafy Technology
Software Automation Engineer — 11/2021 – Present
● Design automation framework from scratch, leveraging different programming languages such as JavaScript, Python,
Java, etc.
● Assisted in improving already existing code related to automation scripting, to assure better performance as
well as correct use of resources.
● Completed API test collections using Postman, to allow different endpoints to be tested, allowing this to
broaden the overall scope of the testing suite,

Solutions Architect / SQL Tester — 02/2021 – 11/2021
● Assisted different teams in creating SQL code to digest raw data from either ETL or API sources using both Teradata
SQL machine as well as PostgreSQL.
● Assisted in creating test scenarios to test SQL queries as well as data integrity.
● Created Jenkins files to generate pipelines, to build/deploy new features to different environments.
● Created scheduled jobs using JAMS to automate numerous tasks against different servers.
● Troubleshoot issues with servers by going over logs, grep error matches, and evaluating them via editors such
as nano or vim.
● Assisted in setting up Docker images as well as creating Python scripts within them, to scrape and populate
data as needed, using libraries such as Beautiful Soup.

NTT Data Services
Software QA Developer Engineer — 03/2019 – 02/2021
● Assisted in creating automation tests using Selenium through Python Bindings.
● Created pipelines using Azure DevOps to deploy new applications to a production environment, as well as trigger automation
● Embedded Automation Python test scripts within Azure DevOps pipelines, to keep Continuous Delivery in good
shape whenever a new deployment was released. Assisted in setting up SonarQube to our workflow, to help
developers on finding security vulnerabilities in their code, as well as to be suggested good code practices

Automation QA Engineer — 03/2017 – 02/2019
● Here, I was in charge of performing manual testing against different applications (web/mobile) to complete overall testing as
well as identifying processes that could be automated.
● Created Automation script using either Robot Framework or Python Bindings with Selenium.
● For web applications, I followed a Page Object Model which stores web application elements in different
Python Classes, allowing me to leverage OOP paradigm to create the tests and model each application.
● For mobile applications, I used both Android Studio and Xcode with Appium Inspector, to identify elements
and using tools like Robot Framework, went ahead and came up with the actual test cases.
● Completed API testing using Postman and Newman.

Delphi Connection Systems
System Administrator Supervisor — 09/2015 – 03/2017
● As system administrator supervisor, my responsibilities included following up with daily activities established by IT
technicians as well as corporate, being up-to-date with all computer-related needs, as well as to monitor server
and network activity throughout the organization, to make sure everything was working smoothly.
● Maintain and administrate the company’s ERP database (QAD)
● Audit QAD’s back-end source code (Progress) by following system standards. Maintain and test data
throughout different tables and schemas.
● Analyze, improve and establish processes to improve system adherence to overall manufacturing.
● Audit and scan local servers (printers, accesses, etc.,) to avoid security threats.
● Guided technicians under my wing to understand global procedures, as well as local expectations to be
complying at all levels.


• Programming Languages:
Python – 5 years
JavaScript – 5 years
Java – 4 years
Scala – 2 years
• Frameworks and Tools:
Robot Framework – 4 years
Pytest – 4 years
Playwright – 2 years
Cypress – 2 years
• Data Base:
Oracle – 5 years
PostgreSQL – 4 years
SQL Management Studio – 4 years
Teradata – 3 years
MongoDB – 2 years
MySQL – 2 years
• Methodologies:
Scrum – 6 years
Waterfall – 4 years



Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana


• ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Training Course
• Complete Python Developer in 2022 Zero to Mastery Course
• The Complete Java Certification Course
• JavaScript Bible – JavaScript and ES6 Bootcamp 2022

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