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Francisco E.

Current Rate: $8,500 | $53/hr

Jalisco, Mexico (CST)

Software engineer with more than 5 years of experience in web development. During my career, I have used different technologies such
as Javascript, NodeJS, Typescript, Python, Php, Java, C#, MySQL, and Postgres. My career in the last few years has focused on working
with technologies such as Python, NodeJS, Javascript, and Typescript. Working with different technologies has allowed me to work in
multidisciplinary teams for different sectors such as education, automotive, government, pharmaceutical, real estate, and e-commerce,
since, I am accountable and passionate about my work; I am always looking to be part of productive and successful teams that constantly
contribute and share experiences for the growth and learning of team members. It also allows me to collaborate and support people with
my experience. Furthermore, I consider myself passionate about new technologies, continuous and self-taught learning, with abilities to
work in a team, quick learning, and self-improvement.


Sonatafy Technology
Fullstack Developer — April 2021 – Present
● Participate in planning and solution meetings of new features that are required by customers.
● Work with the backend team to implement the new features and resolve issues requested in each sprint.
● Carry out tool research for new features and dimensions which it would impact the current features.
● Tech Stack: Python, Unittest, PostgresSQL, AWS S3, Pusy .me, Twilio, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Mailchimp,
and Mandrill.

ClearMechanic SA de CV
Fullstack Developer — June 2020 – January 2021
● Implement new features, maintenance, fixing issues, and analysis of the requirements for the viability of the new features of
the company’s core platform.
● Implement the migration of the front end of a feature to a micro-service approach.
● Collaborate on the base implementation of the backend migration to a micro-service architecture with lambdas, API
Gateway, SNS, DynamoDB, and amplify from AWS.
● Tech Stack: Javascript ES6+, React, Unstate, Material-UI, CSS, Styled-components, Babel, Webpack, NodeJS,
AWS Amplify, C#, .Net, SQLserver, AngularJs, and JQuery.

Laboratoria Coding AC
Javascript Coach — August 2019 – May 2020
● Share tech knowledge and work experience with all women in the Bootcamp through workshops, technical advice, and talks
following an agile methodology in education that was developed by Laboratoria.
● Constant performance monitoring of students to promote their continuous improvement.
● Interact with communities and companies in the sector that add value to students.
● Tech Stack: Javascript ES6+, React, Redux, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, SASS, Babel, Webpack, NodeJS, Typescript,
Express, Firebase, and MongoDB.

Mid Fullstack developer — June 2018 – July 2019
● Responsible for planning, implementing, and developing a code base for the front end of a social network for readers in Latin
● Responsible for maintenance and creation of new features for the back end of the same project.
● Work with other front-end teams in alternate projects of the company such as landing pages and e-commerce.
● Tech Stack: Javascript ES6+, React, Redux, NextJS, Bootstrap, CSS, SASS, Babel, Webpack, NodeJS, KoaJS,
Loopback, Express, PM2, AWS EC2, MySQL, MongoDB, and Firebase.


Programming Languages:
● JavaScript: 5 years
● NodeJs: 4 years
● PHP: 4 years
● Python: 3 years
● Typescript: 2 years

Frameworks and Tools:
● ReactJs: 3 years
● Redux: 3 years
● Express: 3 years
● Firebase (Cloud functions, authentications, Could Messaging, Hosting, Cloud storage, and real-time DB): 3 years
● NextJs: 2 years
● Laravel: 2 years
● Django: 2 years
● Docker: 2 years
● AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, SNS, Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Route 53, Amplify): 2 years
● GraphQL: 1 year
● NestJS: 1 year

Data Base:
● MySQL: 4 years
● PostgresSQL: 3 years
● MongoDB: 2 years

● Scrum: 5 years

● English
● Spanish


NovaUniversitas – 2010-2015
Education: Degree in computer science
Obtain the basic, complementary, and important knowledge of the computer science area, for performance in the industry.
Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de servicios N° 150 (CBTIs 150) – 2008-2010
Education: Bachelor in Computer Science
Basic knowledge was acquired in the area of computer science, such as C, C++, Visual FoxPro, HTML, JS, CSS, Network, and

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