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Jose P.
Current Rate: $10,000 | $63/hr

Ruby Developer
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico (GMT-6)


Sonatafy Technology

Ruby Developer – 2022 (June) – Now

● As a member of Admin Platform engineering team, we were the key devs to implement and bring the business to business orders into system
● Implement system for csv orders with Ruby on Rails
● Test controllers and mock files with Respec
● Tech Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Reac, JS, Git, Rspec

Scio Consulting

Application Developer II – 2021-2022
● Create Serverless environment for Aws backend and React frontend
● Integrate CI/CD for web app and mobile app with Aws
● Design backend architecture and implement it with Nodejs
● Tech Stack: Nodejs, JS, React, AWS Serverless Architecture, Git, React Native

Mid Software Engineer 2022(January)-2022(June) Zoolatech Mexico – Credible
● Support existing product on frontend with React and backend with Ruby on Rails
● Fix frontend bugs with React
● Implement new futures to backend with Ruby on Rails
● Add testing to exsiting code with Respec
● Deploy and test changes in different stages with Jenkins and Kubernetes
● Tech Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, JS, Rspec, Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


Programming Languages: JavaScript( 3 years), Ruby( 3 years), HTML(3 years), CSS( 3 years) Frameworks and Tools: React(2 years), Redux(2 years), Bootstrap(2 years), Node(2 years), Ruby on Rails(3 years), Rspec(3 years), Git (3 years), AWS( 1 year)
DataBase: MongoDB(1year),Dynamodb(1year),Postgresql(3years)


Microverse, Certificate 2020 – 2021
● Spent 2000+ hours mastering algorithms, data structures, design patterns, and full-stack
development while developing projects in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux.
● Developed skills in remote pair-programming, using GitHub, standard GitFlow, and daily
standups to collaborate with international remote developers.

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