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Moises B.

Current Rate: $8,000 | $50/hr

Ruby on Rails Developer
Mérida, Yucatán México (GMT-6)

Software Engineer with 4 and a half years of experience developing main technologies. I have focused on Ruby on Rails and React. I have worked in multiple teams working with agile methodology (SCRUM), always looking to learn new skills such as the use of AWS services, relational and non-relational databases, as well as the search for design patterns and best practices constantly to improve coding. I have always sought to develop solutions that meet customers’ needs with the best quality and excellent user experience, contributing to the maintenance and innovation of applications with high-quality and maintainable code.


Sonatafy Technology
Full Stack Developer | Ruby on Rails Developer — Oct 2021 – Present
● I have worked with the tech client, developing new functionalities for their main application built with Ruby on Rails and React, connected with multiple micro-services through GRPC and with relational databases (PostgreSQL).
● I generated and improved micro-services by distributing core application activities to existing and new micro-services to improve the efficiency of the core application. Always applying the use of test cases with Rspec and code reviews with my team.
● Improvement in the distribution of the use of application resources through microservices connected by GRPC as well as generation of new tests (Rspec), analysis and monitoring via Datadog and Sentry to detect edge cases that can be contemplated and improved.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React, PostgreSQL, GRPC, Sentry, Datadog, GIt, Github and Jira.

Fleet Complete
Software Developer — Jun 2021 – Oct 2021
● I have been involved in projects with multilingual support using Java, Angular, NodeJS and PostgreSQL, as well as in the maintenance and development of applications using queues (RabbitMQ and Kafka).
● I have implemented the use of Amazon Web Services in multiple applications, some of those services used have been EC2, RDS, S3 Storage, SNS and Route 53.
● Development and deployment of applications built in Angular, connected to multiple services built in NodeJS with PostgreSQL database.
● Tech Stack: Java, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Git, Gitlab and AWS.

Freelance Web Developer— Nov 2020 – Jun 2021
● Together with a Financial Consultant specialized in the real estate sector, through the planning and control of customized strategies for the achievement of project and company objectives, we developed a software product to improve the management and sales of the real estate development.
● I developed, trained and implemented the software to multiple real estate builders, applying the software to areas such as planning, sales and real estate tracking using Ruby on Rails and Angular in multiple instances of Digital Ocean servers.
● Among my main activities was the direct contact with clients to obtain requirements, deploy the Rails/Angular application in Digital Ocean, requirements management and code review in Github.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Angular, Javascript, Yarn, Digital Ocean, Git and Github.

HiveX Technologies
Full Stack Developer | Software Consultant — Jan 2020 – Nov 2020
● I developed two main projects, called AMA and AdFoods, built in Ruby on Rails/ CodeIgniter PHP, React, using Chakra UI/TailWind CSS front-end components.
● Generation of new components and implementation of new functionalities such as sending emails, authentication and connection with third party services
● My main activities included code reviews on Github, deployment of Ruby on Rails applications on Heroku, requirements elicitation and analysis for projects, bug support and fixes.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter (PHP), Yarn, JS, Apache, Git and Github.

Homie Trainee| Back-end Developer — Nov 2019 – Mar 2020
● Learning of design patterns, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, ES6+, React, MongoBDB, code review and practice exercises with theoretical tests to be applied to the main application of rent properties without the need of endorsement.
● The main tasks executed in the projects were learning and application of ‘mobile-first’ techniques, practice of SOLID, use of Rails, React, Redux and Rspec tests and deployment in Heroku.
● Training for 3 months with theoretical and practical exams, where I was the best applicant out of a group of 12 developers, from which only the best 6 were chosen to continue in the enterprise.
● Implementation of new functionalities (Integration of Amazon S3 Storage), system maintenance, change of unit tests and code refactoring.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React, RSPEC, AWS, Rubocop, Yarn, npm, Sass, JS, MongoDB, Heroku, SSH, GIT and Github.

High Soft Mexico
Full Stack Developer — Aug 2018 – May 2019
● Added new functionalities and performed maintenance to a CEDIS management project for FEMSA.
● Among my many activities were the generation of multiple internal dashboards, database design support, class, sequence and component diagrams.
● I implemented functionalities such as exporting information in .csv and .pdf format, configuration and deployment in Azure and QR code reading.
● Tech Stack: C#, ASP.NET, Xamarin, SQL Server, Azure, Git and Bitbucket.

Summer Internship — Jun 2018 – Aug 2018
● Development of a Customer Relationship Management Platform, implementing AngularJS with Ruby on Rails, new features such as infinity scroll in multiple views for improve the data loading, design and development of models and migrations for MySQL database.
● Implementation of AngularJS on the CRM platform with Ruby on Rails, software maintenance and code refactoring.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JS, MySQL, GIT and Github.

Software Engineer — Jun 2018 – Present
● Requirements analysis, design and coding of a service management application that allows companies to organize and control the services they offer, as well as to keep their customers informed at all times. Service tracking, observations, employee assignment, geolocation and digital signature, among many other things.
● Release and management of the web application on Amazon Web Services, database design, implementation of Bootstrap components, development of scripts for sending automatic emails, digital signature registration, implementation of geolocation with Google and transformation to Progressive Web App.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AWS (EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 Storage, Route 53), GIT and Github.


Programming Languages: Ruby, React and Javascript.
Frameworks and Tools: Ruby on Rails, Sentry, DataDog, Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Route 53, S3 Storage, Elastic Beanstalk and SNS), Digital Ocean, Heroku, SSH, GIT and Github.
Data Base: Relational and non-relational databases. PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server and MongoDB.
Methodologies: Agile (SCRUM) and Waterfall.
Languages: English and Spanish.


● Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from the Autonomous University of Yucatan. (2016 – 2020)


● Data Science Santander Universidades (Aug 2021) Credential
● Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate (Sep 2020) Credential
● Course of Digital Economy: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (Feb 2021) Credential
● Entrepreneurial training diploma (Jul 2020) Credential
● Software Processes and Agile Practices – University of ALBERTA (Jun 2019) Credential
● Introduction to Software Product Management – University of ALBERTA (May 2019) Credential
● Web Design from zero to advanced 45hrs (Apr 2019) Credential

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