Jan 31 2020

2020 Sonatafy Performance and Success

Happy New Year from Sonatafy Technology. We are thankful to all our customers for allowing us to partner with you for success and continue to build cool things.

We are also thankful to each one of our employees and teams of solution experts. You finished out 2019 strong and we could not be prouder.

With your help, we increased the presence of Sonatafy University and saw our Team Leads pave the way with certifications in Cloud Technologies, Quality Assurance, and Compliance.  This will allow us to continue working competently in Cloud Focused and Regulated HealthCare, Life Science, and Financial Industries.

Out with the old, in with the new

2019 was a rebuilding year for us from a brand and team perspective. We enter 2020 with new colors, a new logo, and a new sense of service to our customers. We have changed how we hire and manage our solution experts so that we can make an impact that is repeatable. With teams in Mexico and China, we can follow the sun with our development, testing, and maintenance. This team construction has afforded some customers with the ability to keep their critical path engineers working on the critical path.

Our recruiting team works hard to make sure that we are hiring the best members for your team and that we have an internal reporting structure to verify each member is giving their best.

Whether focused on new features, testing and bug fixing, or building sound and secure ways to deploy your cloud assets, our teams come experienced and certified. Our recruiting team makes sure that we take the heavy lifting so that you see the right people at the right time.

2020 is a year of Clear Vision and CTRL for Sonatafy Technology

Sonatafy is exceptional at Hiring and Housing smart, professional, and technologically savvy solution experts. We work with each of them to be in the habit of continuous improvement focusing on technology and their ability to be a part of a remote team. We understand how hard it is to staff and maintain a remote team and this is where Sonatafy excels.

To feel certain that we are performing as expected we ask our team members to be in CTRL. Being in CTRL means the following:

  •  CLARITY - I am clear at what I am working on or what I am expected to be working on

  •  TRANSPARENCY - My processes and how I am delivering my work are transparent

  •  RESPONSIBILITY - I think like a customer and an owner

  •  LEADERSHIP - I can lead myself, my team, and my customer to success

With our ability to stay in CTRL and our desire to build relationships that last, we welcome 2020 and all the new adventures that it will bring.

If you are building a team, need to consider a future team, or just want some help thinking through the right solution, give us a call or come visit our offices in San Diego or Tijuana. We are confident that our experts at Sonatafy Technology can help you achieve success.

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