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CISCO Nearshore Case Study

  Sonatafy Engagement

IronPort a division of Cisco Systems has Security appliances located in datacenters with multiple customers around the world.


They needed assistance with a team in Asia to monitor virus activity in real-time and quickly script virus definitions and deploy updates to IronPort appliances around the world. The customer needed to accelerate quickly identify defects in their application so the team could correct and deploy within a very tight window.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in the Asia Pacific to provide DevOps and quality assurance to augment the firm’s disparate teams in the United States.


Over the course of 5 years, a team of 35 security engineers and quality assurance professionals were assembled and working together closely with the Cisco Systems security department to ensure that virus definition were updated within 20 minutes of new viruses being found and deployed across thousands of appliances at customer locations.  After 5 years, Cisco Systems bought out the team triggering a Build Operate Transfer mechanism stated in the MSA.

Successful outcome:

Length of time between defect identification, notification, maintenance, and deployments

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