Construction Company Nearshore Case Study

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Construction Company Nearshore

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During project setup and initial development through monitoring and support.


Quickly built a 10-person team to build the required technology to GPS track and implement the logistics required in order to limit the wait time of the trucks delivering the cement. Every minute wasted waiting to deploy the cement has costs associated with gas and manpower. In order to streamline the delivery process, the technology that was created allows for precise timing of truck arrival, cement deployment, and minimize downtime.

Quickly hiring a team of 13 engineers, a team lead and training the team, the Client was up and running within 6 short weeks, working directly with their counterparts in Texas and Germany we were able to create a more cohesive development team to support all construction teams around the globe.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in Latin America to provide design, software engineering, and quality assurance to augment the firm’s disparate teams in the United States.


Over the course of 2 years, a team of 13 .NET engineers and quality assurance professionals were assembled and working together closely with the leadership in Texas and Germany to increase capacity and meet or exceed internal project timelines.  After several restructurings on the client’s side, the Sonata Team is still supporting the global development being lead from Germany.

Successful outcome:

Length of time between defect identification, notification, maintenance, and deployments

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