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Fullstack Developer Summary

Fullstack Developer with 6 years of experience writing API rest for web and mobile applications using PHP, Golang, JS, Angular, Swift, SQL Server, and others; Focused on time and space algorithms complexity and unit testing.

Full-Stack developer – Jan 2014 – Current

Fullstack Developer Project description:

Working on migrating a monolithic inventory system in PHP, MySQL, to Golang, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Kubernetes, Spinnaker in AWS; Developed 18 internal projects mainly using Golang, SQL, JS;


Developed a web app in Golang that replaced an excel file and minimized by 90% the time to calculate payroll; Reduced administrative operating costs related to accounting reconciliations, stamp and post invoices by 50%, using Golang for consuming soap services and MySQL; Reduced the time to get an account statement PDF from two minutes to one second, using SQL Server and Golang; Developed a web-scraping tool forget the government invoices using C#. This tool allowed us to reduce personal cost; Produced an asset fixed module, to comply with internal and government regulations in the management of the depreciation of fixed assets, using multidimensional accounting and Golang; Built an iOS and Android native app, for the cycle of travel expenses, such as, hotel, per diem, flights, which allows accounting and having better personal control of the budget, using PHP, Swift, Kotlin, MySQL; Made an ad-hoc apple watch app for monitoring the productivity of senior executives. Using Swift and Golang; Did continuous delivery of changes of a WordPress page, using AWS-S3 for hosting and AWS-EC2 for the server instance

Technologies and tools:

PHP, MySQL, Golang, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, AWS.

Mid Developer – Oct 2010 – Dec 2013

Project description:

Worked as a Teacher of mobile programming.


Reduced the lack of homework delivery by 10%, developed a homework system for students and teachers.

Technologies and tools:

PHP and SQL Server.

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