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  Sonatafy Engagement

Customer engaged Sonatafy increase base mobile application installs to increase customer access and revenue.


Sonatafy was engaged by this firm to increase installs of their mobile application and set up a team of 10 call center sales reps calling consumers throughout the country . The goal was 200 calls per sales rep per day to accelerate installations.


Sonatafy was able to quickly build out a call – center in our op erations center in Tijuana, Mexico. This team included source managers and hire call center support technicians.


The Sonatafy team was meeting the customers SLA within the first three weeks while hitting daily goals and weekly install targets. The teams detailed reporting allowed the customer to project properly and over the course of 6 months, there was a significant increase in installs of their mobile application across multiple countries.

Successful Outcome:

Overall increase in mobile application installs

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