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Software Development Outsourcing | Outsourcing Software Development

We help our client’s software product and solution strategies by building software development outsourcing teams that help them accelerate their software development efforts.

Sonatafy has over 100 years of combined technical leadership and software development experience and a proven track record of delivering high-quality custom software products.  Our software development process and team expertise allow us to proudly serve our customers by matching top talent from Latin America with companies looking to increase growth and manage costs.

We specialize in software outsourcing solutions for SaaS, healthcare/life sciences, financial, and other niche industries as we understand software compliance, scalability, security, and creating long-term software development outsourcing relationships.

Software Development Outsourcing Awards & Recognitions

Helping take our clients’ software outsourcing services to the next level has been quite an experience, and we are not slowing down any time soon. Providing a memorable outsourcing software experience and far surpassing our customers’ goals is one of the most rewarding experiences of our company to date.

We’re ready to start helping your company grow through our development outsourcing services, are you?

"Sonatafy did such an excellent job of listening to what we wanted and finding us suitable candidates."

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"They have been very focused on delivering great service to our company."

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"Sonatafy Technology showed strong leadership and attention to service."

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Outsourced Software Development: Earning Trust & Loyalty

Our Executive Team proudly provides complete development outsourcing support for each client project from deployment to completion.

Our client-centric software development solutions have made us the provider of choice for clients such as TaylorMade, Caterpillar, Freshly, and Sharper Image, among others. With thousands of software development resources deployed to date, clients love our personalized high-touch software outsourcing approach.

With a high-quality software development process and strong customer outsourcing support, we give you the ability to focus on business decisions rather than software development issues. 

Software Outsourcing Services:  Where Engineers Can Succeed

Sonatafy is not a typical software development company. There’s a big difference here at Sonatafy and it doesn’t have to do with working! It’s the positive environment and family culture that we provide our software development team members with and that intangible feeling of being part of something big. We want each member of the Sonatafy software outsourcing team to feel at home and supported by one another, throughout each software development project and development outsourcing position. We take care of each other and in return, this compassion and support provide our clients with the best software development outsourcing team members.

Software Outsourcing: Not Gig Workers But Team Members

Sonatafy Technology does things differently from other software development companies. Our project and software development process teams are not like typical software development freelance and software engineer recruiting options. Not only do we provide top-tier software development outsourcing resources, but we also provide the process of fully integrating these software outsourcing resources with your product and executive teams.

This proven software outsourcing model has led to dramatically improving and supercharging your outsourcing software teams’ development long-term, as compared to short-term, temporary arrangements.

Software Development Outsourcing

So why should you outsource software development?  Software development outsourcing can provide access to skilled software development experts and a lower cost than you can perform internally. Whether or not a company is new in an industry, saving revenue is always a good idea that optimizes profits. One way in which many companies save several thousand dollars is through software development outsourcing. But before we look at the promises of outsourcing, it is crucial to understand precisely what the term means.

Software Outsourcing Companies: what is it?

Hiring a business to develop or programming a software project for you is known as software outsourcing. Typically, software firm experts with the necessary training and expertise are employed to accomplish this development project.

The global need for software developers is rising. The demand for software development has increased due to the rapidly rising rate at which technology develops. The necessity to outsource software development is also being driven by digital change.

Many businesses are resorting to software development project outsourcing to satisfy their software development demands due to the scarcity of internal software engineers. Additionally, outsourcing gives companies access to a greater variety of development resources than ever before. As a result, outsourcing must be a crucial component of any digital transformation development plan.

Models for Outsourcing software – Software Development Process?

Companies may hire global suppliers to work on their software systems in a few different ways. These development approaches include:

Onshore outsource software development

This practice is called onshore outsourcing, when a client company collaborates with a software development outsourcing company based in the same nation. Onshore outsourcing has the benefit of practically eliminating language differences, which makes it increasingly simpler to communicate and, therefore, increases the effectiveness of development outsourcing. Customers could have to invest more in total expenditure in exchange, in any case.

Outsourcing offshore software

Offshore outsourcing is working with developers and designers in foreign nations. This is considered the most economical development choice since it allows for good remote supervision of app developments and has low development personnel expenses. It also has online platforms of communication which improve communication channels for development despite the distance.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing is arguably the middle ground between offshore and onshore development outsourcing. Companies that offer nearshore outsourcing services deal with clients in nearby nations that operate in similar time zones. It is also preferred mainly by institutions and companies that do not mind spending a little more on their development efforts to ensure the highest quality software development outsourcing. As opposed to offshore software development outsourcing, with nearshore software development outsourcing you do not have to worry about time differences. Because of the nearshore proximity, you are probably within the same time zone as the country you choose to outsource from.

Advantages of outsourcing software

Most companies seek outsourced software IT services for various reasons, including cost efficiency, professionalism, and access to global development talents. Some of the most promising benefits of outsourcing software development teams include;

Lower the price of software programming

It would be best if you accepted that the prices for development and software engineers are hefty, regardless of whether you have employed internal web development staff for your company. You are responsible for paying their salary, perks, holidays, and other expenses. Some studies indicate that when all of the employee’s benefits, taxes, meetings, etc. Are taken into account, the entire cost of hiring a new in-house developer for a company might be more than twice the base wage.

But what if you could transfer the bulk of those expenses to a different business? Why shouldn’t you allow a software development partner to settle the bundle and reduce the price substantially? Outsourcing your software development team will allow you to hire many more employees for a fraction of the cost. This is because they will be recruited temporarily, and the corporation you choose to outsource software from will handle the benefits, taxes, and holidays.

Quicker research and development for your software project (s)

Customers save considerable time by having the design and development process move along more quickly since the contracted staff is already skilled and knowledgeable in the tools and methodologies needed for the process. This is especially helpful for huge global businesses where the permissions and choices may take much longer than expected. Additionally, development alterations will be immediately remedied to guarantee that the project will proceed as planned. The remote development crew is driven to work hard and complete projects on schedule, giving clients an advantage over rival businesses.

Acquiring the necessary skill set

Due to the lack of indigenous expertise in the US, Western Europe, and Australia, businesses may address team voids without compromising development quality by using outsourcing engineers that have similar experience but live in countries with low costs of living. Additionally, it enables businesses to use development skill sets that they may not otherwise be able to or need to recruit full-time.  Finding the right development talent may be challenging, with some businesses finding it difficult to recruit qualified development candidates. With development outsourcing, you can always locate suitable developers for any project, no matter how big or small, because you can collaborate with developers from anywhere worldwide.

Engage in coordinated teamwork

One of the most challenging tasks you will ever be required to accomplish for your business is to find the perfect manager for an internal team; however, when outsourcing, you won’t have to be concerned about it as much because every outsourced team will already be supervised. You’ll undoubtedly need the administration to steer the software development project, but much of the management responsibility may be transferred outside of your own business. It also relieves you of part of your burden. You will have more time to concentrate on the general direction as you won’t need to swoop in and ask for updates.

The use of the Agile approach

A lean development philosophy enables the delivery of a product with a minimum amount of additional costs or activities brought on by inappropriate supervision, poor communication, overwhelming complexity, or other project coordination-related concerns. The Agile methodology prefers the lean strategy. The process of developing a solution is divided into sprints, which are typically two weeks long, in the most popular model.

Each sprint has an objective, which is often a component or functional element. At the end of each phase, the product increment is evaluated and presented once it has been produced. Agile permits on-the-fly change and adapt the design process to evolving requirements. This lessens the necessity of having to rework finished components during the course of a project.

Disadvantages of software development outsourcing

Even with all the great perks you get to enjoy, there are a few hitches you might encounter. You need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages to allow you to go into the decision-making process with all the information you need.

Risks related to security

Since data is now a valuable asset, firms may face dangers if they give their data to a third-party software outsourcing contractor. Information leaks are a significant worry since many software engineering initiatives handle sensitive and private data belonging to clients, including patent rights. Therefore, it’s crucial that companies considering outsourcing carefully weigh the threats to data security and choose the right software outsourcing company that recognizes and values reliability and has all the tools required to ensure the security of their client’s data per security laws and regulations.

Communication barriers

If there is a cultural mismatch between the partnering organization and the development team, proficiency might be lacking, and outsourcing might become problematic. When objectives are not correctly defined, time zone disparities when there is little weekday overlap can cause communication breakdowns. This might require the internal management team overseeing the project to make sacrifices and work odd hours. You might also incur extra costs of hiring a translator, which means that much time will be taken to deal with communication issues. Poor communication might endanger a whole enterprise. This is why most companies prefer to partner with teams from English-speaking countries or nearshore outsourcing the services.

Outsource Software Development

Outsourcing began back in the 1970s when primarily manufacturing companies began to outsource work. Technology outsourcing began in the early 2000s and software development outsourcing began to blossom shortly after this. Software development outsourcing is when a company chooses to have custom software products and solutions developed by another company. Outsourcing software development and engineering often provide the advantages of cost reduction, improved software velocity and efficiency, less risk, and structured processes and procedures. Outsourcing is a smart choice for companies that are trying to keep up with the fast-changing technology environment. Technology, software, and coding languages are constantly evolving, and being developed and it’s important to be on top of the latest industry trends. Software products need to be carefully designed, implemented, and maintained to ensure the proper cloud computing environment and security features are implemented. In 2022 it’s expected that over 21% of companies outsource their software development and this growing trend is expected to continue.

Custom Software Development

Software outsourcing is the preferred choice for many companies as they don’t have the skills or resources in-house to perform custom software development.  Custom software development is the process of creating, designing, implementing, and maintaining a software solution that can easily integrate with your existing applications and allow your organization to scale efficiently. Software development is used to create custom applications that perform specialized functions for your business.  Many companies utilize outsourced developers since they don’t have the skills or resources in-house.  In 2022, Software Developers are in extremely high demand and can be difficult to hire and maintain.  Many companies look to nearshore software development companies to assist with their custom application needs.

Development Outsourcing

Development outsourcing services are when a company hires another company or service provider to handle its software development needs.  Software outsourcing services have grown in popularity since early 2000. In 2015 many US-based companies started setting up operations in Latin America to take advantage of software development resources that operate in the same time zone as their US-based developers.  Software outsourcing staffing in Latin America started to explode when the pandemic took place in 2020. Many small to medium size businesses that previously required all of their software developers and engineers to be under one roof, moved to use nearshore software development.  Augmentation software outsourcing is when a company utilizes a software development provider’s resources as an extension of its existing team, integrating them into its daily practices and procedures.

Development Outsourcing Services

Software development companies typically have software engineering resources aligned by technology stack, such as Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java, or Python to name a few.  A good software development company has a great culture where its software developers and engineers enjoy coming to work every day and get to work on exciting software development projects. Development outsourcing to offshore countries like India and the Asia Pacific has proven to be challenging as it often causes the US-based client software teams to have to work late nights and early mornings to try and get time overlap with these offshore teams.  Nearshore software development outsourcing has been gaining popularity with the similar culture, time zone, and English-speaking support.

Outsourcing Software Development

Custom software development is the process of working with various code and software development process procedures to produce a good software project. The Agile methodology and framework is often used as its software development process and procedure for working with other software developers has proven efficient and relevant for a company to procedure cutting edge tech software.  Outsourcing software solutions may be a great option for your company if you don’t have the skills or expertise to properly perform these functions in-house.  Following a proven software development process, such as the Agile methodology is vital for the success of your software code and final tech software product.


The first step in building successful software is to ensure you have the right project team.  This software project team typically consists of roles such as a Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Fullstack developers, Backend developers, Frontend developers, mobile developers, DevOps, and quality assurance (QA) engineers.  Your company may choose to contract out one or more of these roles to complete their team and utilize the appropriate skills. A program or product management office is typically involved to ensure the software code success. Your company may perform custom software development internally or utilize the services of an outsourced software development provider.


Whether your company has an Outsourced team or internal software development engineers, if you have the project teams you should be able to produce high-quality software code and have a great tech product for your end users.


If your company is considering some significant software development or upgrades, working with an outsourced team gives you many advantages that you cannot afford to pass up. While you might encounter a few challenges, most of them can be limited when you incorporate an in-house management team to oversee the process.

Outsourcing Simplified, With Sonatafy