mobitv Streaming Nearshore Case Study

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Streaming Nearshoring Case Study

  Sonatafy Engagement

During project set-up and initial development through to monitoring and support.


Sonatafy was engaged by an Online Tv Streaming Provider firm monitoring system performance and limiting downtime. The customer needed to accelerate quickly identify defects and errors in their application so the team could correct and deploy within a very tight window. This would greatly decrease their downtime and limit any server issues causing global outages.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in Latin America and Asia Pacific to provide server maintenance engineers.


By hiring a team of engineers to manage the Network Operations Command monitoring team in Shanghai China, Sonatafy engineers were able to decrease the time that defects to be resolved to within 3 minutes of the initial error.

Successful Outcome:

Length of time between defect identification, notification, maintenance, and deployments

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