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3 Ways To Develop A Successful DevOps Mindset

by | May 6, 2021 | All, DevOps, Leadership

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A DevOps mindset is all about collaboration and strategy, regardless of the software development project you’re working on. Bringing different departments together to work towards a common goal can help you collectively arrive at your objectives faster. While work in these environments can be difficult, the right mindset can enhance and optimize your product. Some of the skills needed to succeed in DevOps are counterintuitive to most traditional workplaces. However, the demand for a DevOps workplace continues, with the global DevOps market expected to reach $12.85 billion (USD) by 2025.

We’ve put together a shortlist of the top three ways that you can improve your DevOps mindset. Whether you’re working as a DevOps engineer or managing an entire team, the list below can help you to further expand and refine your software development processes.

1. DevOps Mindset: Build and Establish Trust

Trust is key in collaborative workspaces, especially when building out innovative concepts. DevOps teams need to cover a lot of uncharted territories, especially when building out solutions to recent problems. People need to feel comfortable sharing their ideas because the main goal is to accelerate the software development process. It’s also important to establish trust so that people can deal with failure. Some ideas will not be the answer to your problem, but you never know where the right solution will come from. The best way to make sure these things happen is simply to create trust. It’s estimated that employees are 23% more likely to offer ideas and solutions when there’s trust in the workplace.

While it may seem a bit abstract, trust is easy to create in work environments. One of the easiest things to do is improve how everyone communicates. In an era of remote working, and working from home, the collective aspect that’s present in workspaces is missing. Sure there are Zoom calls, but employee interaction should be more informal, so people can feel like they’ve gotten to know each other outside of their work roles. This can be done by hosting online team-building activities.

To establish trust, project information should be transparent amongst those that are working on the project. By making sure to share data and insights, metrics can be measured more closely, which could help to increase overall efficiency and time to market.

2. DevOps Mindset: Don’t Stop Learning

Imagination is key to develop solutions that improve your ability to deliver things on time. While you may be working on new ideas, the world around you can help you to discover solutions. Make sure that you are reading books and gaining perspective on things happening in the world around you. Gain inspiration from a wide range of sources so that you can apply these to the situation at hand. Not all software products will be built the same, nor will they be able to function with the same practices. Most of the world’s leading businessmen and entrepreneurs are constantly reading and learning new things. Keep acquiring knowledge and you’ll arrive at new automation techniques you may have never thought of using.

3. Limit Silos

Freedom to remain agile, and fast and lean collaboration is the way to keep your software development project moving in the right direction. Rather than adding additional silos to manage or optimize workflow, try to connect existing team members together so that they develop a collective and streamlined workflow. A team effort through the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) will help to ensure the best results and less work in the maintenance stage.

While there are many benefits to DevOps, 50% of individuals still find it difficult to undergo the DevOps transformation journey. If you’re looking for DevOps assistance, our team can help with a wide range of solutions in Latin America and around the world. Contact our team of experts at Sonatafy to learn more.


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