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Healthcare Software Development

As an industry-leading healthcare , healthcare software development and life sciences software development company, we help our clients develop software product and web development solution strategies by building teams that help them accelerate their custom software development efforts.

Sonatafy has over 100 years of combined technical leadership, healthcare software development, and software development experience and a proven track record of delivering high-quality software app development solutions. This development services experience allows us to proudly serve our customers by matching top talent from Latin America with companies looking to increase growth and manage costs.

We have exceptional experience building custom healthcare software development solutions for Healthcare & Life Science companies, and we significantly understand software compliance, scalability, security, and long-term relationships.


Why Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Custom healthcare software development is critical for any company’s success as it is the personalized approach to your organization and how it interacts with its clients, patients, vendors, and staff. A custom healthcare software solution or healthcare software development brings several advantages, such as facilitating health management to minimizing the risk of medication errors. These software technological advancements help with health administration and operations while ensuring better patient experiences. When developing your custom healthcare software solution or healthcare software development application, you get flexibility, efficiency, advanced security, and the ability to personalize the end-user experience fully. You also can stay ahead of your competition and add new features as needed.

Software Development in Healthcare

Software development in healthcare is a set of processes, procedures, and industry guidelines for the development of custom healthcare apps that improve the end-user or patient experience, provide effective delivery of a process or service and are cost-effective solutions. Sonatafy Technology, as an experienced healthcare software development company, is highly proficient in industry regulations, such as HIPPA, OWASP, IEC 62443, and other healthcare and life sciences software development security guidelines

Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

Digital software transformation is critical within the healthcare and life science industries as the needs of healthcare specialists and their patients during this time have hastened digital solutions for medical challenges and issues. Sonatafy Technology facilitates healthcare software development services for all healthcare and life science industry verticals such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management, Apps for Reliable Patient Care, customer medical and telemedicine solutions, remote care, and the ability to maintain and monitor patients physical and mental well-being.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Healthcare app development is very beneficial since these custom apps can:

  • Improve health data gathering with medical software solutions
  • Provide timely care despite the location for patient and data management
  • Minimize medical mistakes with AI, machine learning, and other custom healthcare software
  • Lower spending on hospitals and patient services
  • Improve communication between physicians and patients
  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement with custom medical software
  • Provide time-saving features and solutions for medical staff

Healthcare Software Development Companies

Sonatafy has developed custom healthcare solutions for key services for EMR/EHR, Patient Engagement apps and portals, Telehealth solutions, Custom Software for Medical Devices, Pharmacy apps, Healthcare and Life Sciences eCommerce solutions, Medical Data Analysis and Analytics and Medical and Healthcare CRM tools.

Healthcare Software Developers

Our team has provided healthcare and life sciences software development services and solutions, including consulting, design, engineering, maintenance, data and analytics and patient engagement services.

Medical Software Development

Biomedical researchers look to software engineers to develop algorithms for data analysis and biological system modeling. Software engineers are essential in the clinical setting, creating systems that aid the clinician in medical records, patient diagnosis, patient monitoring, and clinical decision-making.

Custom Medical Software Developers

Custom medical software is critical. Creating custom healthcare software to provide patients with better services. Making custom software to optimize workflows at medical facilities Digitizing healthcare to improve its interoperability

Custom Healthcare Software Development Company

Sonatafy Technology has successfully assisted many healthcare companies with products in the marketplace. We have expertise in healthcare information technology. We are proud of our multi-year experience developing HIPAA and other regulatory-enabled solutions. Custom healthcare software development is our specialty, and over 60% of our clients are in the healthcare and life science industry.

What truly makes Sonatafy unique is the company infrastructure that combines all management and processes to meet software product development companies’ explicit and implicit needs. These unique custom healthcare software development needs typically cannot be met with other software development or staff augmentation companies. Our client case studies show that our executive team is committed to ensuring client satisfaction.  

Sonatafy’s healthcare software development clients range from large healthcare companies to disruptive, well-funded startups. We help our clients deliver powerful solutions to optimize various areas of the healthcare and Life sciences industries.

Software PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry compliance (PCI compliance) refers to 12 PCI compliance security standards companies must utilize when accepting, transmitting, processing, and storing credit card data. For most businesses, PCI compliance requires encryption of cardholder data, managing firewalls, updating antivirus software, and assigning unique IDs to each employee or client with computer access. Verifying whether your business is PCI compliant requires a thorough assessment of security practices annually.


HIPAA Compliance Software Development

HIPAA compliant software integrates all the HIPAA guidelines for securing patients’ PHI (Protected Health Information). HIPAA compliance is a must-have for healthcare-related organizations and their vendors. To do business securely and minimize the risk of exposing patients’ personal information, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and Health Tech organizations are looking to use software that ensures they adhere to HIPAA guidelines.


HIPAA Compliant Apps

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted after 1996. This act provides guidelines and rules for protecting Protected Health Information or PHI. HIPAA app development calls for a specific plan and structure.


HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA compliance software provides a structure to direct a HIPAA-covered entity, business or business associate through proper HIPAA-compliant and certifying continued compliance with HIPAA and HITECH Act Rules. Using HIPAA compliance software will not excuse companies from liability if the company or one of their employees violates it. Still, regulators take a covered entity’s or business associate’s reasonable faith attempts to conform with HIPAA into account when determining whether a financial penalty or other sanction is appropriate. The best HIPAA compliance software is a complete compliance result that walks users through setting up, implementing, and maintaining HIPAA policies and procedures, tracks employee training, and ensures all appropriate precautions are implemented to meet HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule requirements.

HIPAA Compliant Texting

HIPAA compliant text messaging apps have come to be the go to solution for solving the question of “is text messaging HIPAA compliant?” The messaging apps function similarly to many commercial apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. These apps are easy to use and operate within a secure, encrypted network with access controls and audit controls to satisfy the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule.


HIPAA Compliance for Software

Building web or mobile applications for healthcare providers is a serious business. Organically, it comes with its fair share of consequences if the app breaches any provisions of HIPAA compliance. Therefore, it’s essential to clearly understand how to make a healthcare software application HIPAA compliant.

The Security Rule of the HIPAA lays down specific requirements as a foundation for data safety in all software tools. To help you develop secure solutions, numerous HIPAA compliance checklists are available for software development.


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Sonatafy Technology services can dramatically
improve the custom Healthcare software and Life Science Industries.

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