The Sonatafy Nexxus Network

Our Purpose & Mission

The Sonatafy Nexxus Network is a rapid-growing social group created to share advice, experience, recommendations and helpful tips and tricks for LatAm engineers and developers that want to take their career to the next level. Our very own Nicole and Luis actively share and create amazing content, which has helped many to learn more about expanding their tech career, finding new positions and learning about the great things we do at Sonatafy.

Helpful Content & Advice

The Sonatafy Nexxus Community participates on a daily basis, uploading helpful content, tricks, tips and advice related to software development and engineering. Our team develops Polls, Blog Articles and YouTube videos, teaching our Nexxus Members about things like best practices in our industry, preparing for a code test and best software tools to use in 2022. 

The Nexxus Podcast

In May of 2022, Nexxus launched the official Podcast series on our Sonatafy Youtube Channel. We interview Nexxus Members who are active professionals in the software and tech industry. We discuss topics including career paths and decisions, best advice and recommendations for someone trying to get to the next level of their career.

career Opportunities

With the help of the Sonatafy Technology portfolio, Nexxus can offer early access to new job positions and openings, in which the Nexxus Network Members can apply. We are able to connect real-world Latin American-based engineers and developers with well-known, US-based companies changing our world today. We will provide direct access to our Talent Acquisition Teams for our Nexxus Members.

Activites & Giveaways

The Sonatafy Nexxus Network also provides events and prize giveaways to it’s members, including an upcoming Coding Challenge where the winner will be rewarded with Amazon Gift Cards. We have new giveaways and prize opportunities every so often, so make sure to keep an eye out for new announcements!