Our Culture

Sonatafy TEAM

Welcome to the Sonatafy Team! There’s a big difference here at Sonatafy and it doesn’t have to do with work. It’s the positive environment and family culture that we provide our team members with and a feeling of being part of something big. We want each member of the Sonatafy team to feel at home and supported by one another throughout each project and position.

Equality No Hierarchy

We believe in an Open-Door Policy at Sonatafy Technology, which means that ANY individual can book a meeting with ANY other individual, ask for help and make suggestions, no matter your position, management level or responsibility; WE ARE ALL EQUAL! 


All Sonatafy Technology Company Events are accompanied by a series of prize giveaways with cash amounts ranging from $25 to $500! We have a variety of games and raffles that each team member gets to participate in. What will you buy with your prize?

Technology Guilds

The Technology Guild Events are dedicated to providing specialized technology workshops and webinars for each of the different disciplines in software development and engineering fields. We have regular events that provide demonstrations, explanations, presenatations and Q&A opportunities. Ready to build? Check out a Tech Guild!

Sonatafy Awards

We select and provide Award Recognitions to various team members of Sonatafy every quarter, depending on the awarded individual’s behavior, activity and participation within the Sonatafy network.

We have many award categories including: Social Media Champion, Client Satisfaction and Outstanding Education.

Sonatafy EVENTS

Occasionally, Sonatafy will have to make an appearance at exciting events taking place throughout the US and Mexico. We like to represent the awesome things our family accomplishes, and what better way than at a fun event! Will you be at the next one?

Sonatafy SWAG

Each Sonatafy team member will receive upon employment an official Sonatafy Swag Kit including an ultra-soft Embroidered Sport Polo with Sonatafy logo, an official Sonatafy Coffee Mug, and a Sticker Pack including the Sonatafy Glyph, Logo and #WeAreSonatafy hashtag!

Sonatafy Gamedays

Every Thursday the Sonatafy team offers a voluntary yet addicting Gameday challenge through Zoom. Join our team in a puzzle, trivia or competitive game and take home the first place prize! We will see you there…and GOOD LUCK!

Sonatafy Networking

2x per month are our Sonatafy Team Networking events through platforms Zoom & Remo. Our Networking events and shuffle will give you an hour-long opportunity to meet new team members and visit with friends to discuss fun updates, news and things happening in your life. We also have MASSIVE cash prize giveaways with our very own Wheel of Fortune!

Buddy & Mentor Program

We are proud to announce the release of the Sonatafy Buddy & Mentor Program. As a Sonatafy Team Member, you have the opportunity to gain a Mentor, become a Buddy or both!

Have you met your new buddy, Martin Ayala? Martin will help you navigate the Sonatafy culture and lifestyle! Your Mentor’s mission is to help you with specific technology and tools and assigned through Tech Guilds.


Fitness is important to us at Sonatafy, and being remote has forced us to be home more often, so burnout and lack of excercise is much more common. That being said, we want to encourage outdoor excercise and activity so we created the Fitness Challenges. Get fit and get paid to do it. Who will reach the most steps during this challenge? We select a winner every quarter!


Share your favorite music of the day with our #Sonatafunk Slack Channel. This channel is VERY active and we see our teams posting tons of new, old and nostalgic classic tunes. What’s your favorite song to
code to? Let us know in the channel!


Our brand new #Sonataflix Slack Channel will be dedicated to our cinema-fans! Like watching movies and want to share with us your favorites? Just saw Batman and want to discuss the plot-twist at the end? Jump in this channel and be amazed at how many true movie fans there are at Sonatafy!

Sonatafy Nexxus

The Sonatafy Nexxus Network Group is a rapid-growing social group created to share advice, experience, recommendations and helpful tips and tricks for LatAm engineers and developers that want to take their career to the next level. Our very own Nicole and Luis actively share and create amazing content, which has helped many to learn more about the great things we do at Sonatafy.

Extended Education

As a proud member of the Sonatafy Technology Family, your education and professional skills are as important to us, as they are to you. That’s why we want to support you in furthering your education and refining your technical skills, so you can best the best version of you! We will help pay for licenses, classes and educational programs to help take you to the next level.

No Video Fridays

We work hard enough throughout the week don’t we? Since most, if not all of our Sonatafy Technology team members have 5-6, on-camera meetings every single day, we thought it would only be fair to have one day per week where the camera stays off! We are proud to introduce, NO VIDEO FRIDAYS!