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6 Inspirational Movies to Get your Entrepreneurial Juices Flowing

by | Feb 16, 2023 | All, Featured, Leadership, Nearshoring

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e all have our favorite movies that motivate us when we are feeling low — but did you know there are many movies out there that can motivate and inspire your entrepreneurial journey? They can also help recharge or re-channel your energy into your entrepreneurial work. As we all know, it takes hard work, focus, luck and motivation to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Studies show that more than 90% of startups fail in a world of competition and limited opportunities, and it’s normal for entrepreneurs to feel demotivated or stuck. However, you can always glean powerful insights from a variety of movies to navigate the storm in your entrepreneurial journey. So, here is a list of top entrepreneurial movies to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

1. The Social Network

The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, narrates how Mark Zuckerberg brought Facebook to life while studying at Harvard. Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg in the movie, is highlighted as a strong-willed individual who built the social network while ignoring other people’s feelings, financial constraints and legalities. In the film, entrepreneurial-minded Zuckerberg faces litigation from two brothers and betrayal from his best friend. Despite the challenges, the legendary internet entrepreneur single-mindedly created a business that grew to take over the world. Facebook’s current relevance in the technology world makes this movie a must-watch for any business owner hoping to make it big. Zuckerberg’s journey shows the pitfalls one should expect in any sizable entrepreneurial endeavor.

Key takeaways:

The movie demonstrates that you do not need to be rich to become successful but rather have some solid founding ideas. Besides, every entrepreneur should learn that the execution of ideas is everything. As a result, every good leader should be confident and disciplined to bring their vision to reality.

2. Moneyball

This movie is inspiring if you are a baseball fan and entrepreneur. However, the film focuses less on baseball and more on the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s approach to winning baseball games. Beane trusts the unpopular sabermetric process to prepare his team for Major League Baseball (MLB) success. Facing financial constraints, he uses the untested approach to overcome all the odds stacked against Oakland A’s.

Key takeaways:

Many startups face the same as Beane and must be ready to adapt to survive. Every entrepreneur must adopt an analytical approach to business and trust the numbers to go up against stiff competition. To be a disrupter in an industry filled with established companies, you must embrace inventiveness and fast risk-taking, or you will be left behind.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is the ultimate tale of a man’s rise to the top of society. Nothing could go wrong with Will Smith as a hero. Based on Chris Gardner’s real-life story, Smith plays a man who starts at the bottom with nothing. He slowly works his way up to achieve success in the financial world while proving himself every step of the way.

Key takeaways:

This film features the true story of a family’s struggle and teaches entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities in life. Gardner’s experience shows a man ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. People should always be bold and start from the bottom, even if it means working for free as an intern to prove their worth in the industry.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street

The whole story is a simplification of the real world, which makes it that much more inspiring. The movie highlights Jordan Belfort’s rise and fall as an entrepreneur. His energy and sales mentality takes you through the real Wall Street and everything about insider trading and how it shaped the economy for better and for worse.

Key takeaways:

Brilliantly directed, the movie features Belfort’s preparedness to succeed as an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are always prepared to sell. However, it also highlights what an entrepreneur should not be: greedy and without empathy.

5. Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross, based on an award-winning play, explores the dynamics of salespeople in the real estate world. It serves as a motivation by showing the plight of the salespeople and the pressure they face. The pressure ultimately results in a fizzle-out of these salespeople’s careers.

Key takeaways:

Anyone working in a high-pressure entrepreneurial environment must watch Glengarry Glenn Ros. The movie will teach survival tactics to succeed in a high-pressure sales environment.

6. The Founder

This movie is a biopic of McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc. It paints a picture of a man with the idea of creating the world’s most extensive restaurant business. The Fonder features John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman, playing the brothers of McDonald’s fast-food chain.

Key takeaways:

Despite the controversies surrounding Kroc, the story teaches an essential lesson for anyone with an idea to disrupt the world. The lesson people learn is that they must be ready to think outside of the box to disrupt an industry. Additionally, they must be prepared to do things faster and better to succeed in competitive industries.

Watching movies can inspire you in many creative ways from the comfort of your couch. Most of these movies set the bar high for business-minded individuals by highlighting the plight of successful entrepreneurs around the globe. Ignite the entrepreneurial fire inside of you, especially if you are getting started in your business venture, by watching and drawing inspiration from these six movies.

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