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Sonatafy Technology is an award-winning, reputable, and best-in-class nearshore enterprise- level cloud and mobile application software development company providing services to companies of all sizes and in various industries, including some of the world’s biggest brands. We have the expertise and capacity to build fully managed and complete software solutions from product design to launch, and we also support clients with augmentation of client’s existing development staff. Sonatafy Technology is your experienced agile technology partner, not an agency. All Sonatafy engineers are direct employees. No subcontractors, no freelancers. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with teams throughout Latin America, Sonatafy Technology is the preferred outsourced software development solution with:

  • Same time zone teams
  • English proficiency-tested engineers
  • Highly experienced, fully dedicated, full-time software engineers, developers, DevOps,
    and UI/UX teams
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden costs
  • Incredible client satisfaction ratings
  • Transparency, accountability, and an easy to work with system
  • Proactive, responsive, and collaborative approaches
  • Top-quality outcomes

Our highly qualified teams of in-house developers offer software development, testing, DevOps, UIUX, and maintenance for critical-path web and mobile applications. With vast experience in SaaS, healthcare, life-sciences, and financial institutions, and clients in practically every industry, choose us to build their solutions as we specialize in software innovation, scalability, security/compliance and building long-term relationships. If you have had a less-than-desired experience working with offshore providers that may have included late-night Zoom meetings, poor English proficiency, miscommunications, excessive time waiting for answers, and questionable product quality, you will love working with us.

Our thought leadership combined with an unmatched and unique client engagement process ensures:

  • Fast onboarding and engagement
  • Successful on-time results and maximum performance
  • Access to affordable and skilled resources to meet your current budget
  • Mitigation of burnout of your US team
  • Experience in modern cloud and mobile tech stacks
  • Strict compliance/security standards expertise

Whether you need a completely managed solution or find it necessary to augment your in-house development team with additional skill sets and world-class team members to reduce time to market with quality products, Sonatafy Technology is ready and eager to help.

About Sonatafy Services About Sonatafy Services

Sonatafy Flexible Staffing Solution

Flexible Software Solutions

Increase Output & Decrease Cost
Increase Output & Decrease Cost
Skilled Agile Engineering Teams
Skilled Agile Engineering Teams
High Caliber Code Quality
High Caliber Code Quality
Industry Compliant Solutions
Industry Compliant Solutions
Proven Client Satisfaction
Proven Client Satisfaction

We have experience building teams that can deliver innovative products and solutions. We are experts adhering to strict compliance considerations as we have serviced companies in many different verticals including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Banking and Financial, Clinical and BioTech (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, CFR.11, HL7)

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About How We Hire About How We Hire

Sonatafy takes the art of hiring very seriously. Our software and QA teams are the lifeblood of our business and our process for acquiring this talent is stringent and proven. We lead by setting a good example of what we believe to be the ideal developer and teammate. Our customers trust us for providing exceptional talent and we go the extra mile to make sure we find it. 

When we are sourcing for an engagement, we use our Talent Acquisition team to interact with candidates through many channels. From the initial conversations and Zoom meetings we drill down into candidates that express the professionalism, expertise, English proficiency, and cultural values that we expect at Sonatafy. 

From there, candidates will take a code test to validate their experience and we only work with scores that are 90% and above. Our tests are not easy and candidates can also expect subsequent tests that are administered by our customers should they make it that far. One thing that a candidate can expect is that they will be Fairly Assessed. We do not try to trick candidates with obscure questions or situations, but rather, we drill into their everyday production use of the technologies and tools that we source for. If you are experienced and able to communicate your logic, then you will find these tests fair and solvable. 

When a candidate passes our code test, they will then be invited to a panel review with our team to discuss the particulars of the position and the customer. We work with the candidate to understand their needs and what Sonatafy can offer to assist them to do great work.

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Meet Our Developers

Review real engineer CVs of current and past Sonatafy Technology nearshore developers. We have a wide range of different positions and skills thanks to our talented engineers. Learn More.