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Augment Your Team With Experienced Nearshore Software Professionals

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Leadership, Nearshoring, Press Release

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

A company’s growth is heavily reliant on its subunits. The diverse set of teams working together in unison are the company’s building blocks, each as important as the other. 

Since the pandemic hit the world, a digital transformation strategy has been implemented globally, causing an uproar in the need for software engineering specialists. Companies that realized digital transformation was here to stay are prevailing, still. However, many businesses suffer for two main reasons; waiting too long to take action and lacking resources. 

To help businesses cope with these hurdles, firms like Sonatafy Technology provide nearshore software development talent for companies to increase their revenue and manage costs. Even though nearshore software outsourcing was coined almost a decade ago, it gained considerable traction during COVID times and is proving fruitful to this day. 

Sonatafy Technology was incepted with a similar aim by co-founders Steve Taplin and David Turner in 2020. The company is an elite software, maintenance engineering, and QA firm specializing in expanding a company’s team with experienced and qualified IT professionals throughout the US. The firm has a big team of experts who understand IP security, software compliance, scalability, and curate solutions for clinical industries, SaaS, and healthcare. The company works with diverse customers across various verticals, hiring candidates of all technical disciplines.

The inspiration behind creating Sonatafy Technology was to create a platform that could bring teams with the same vision together. There are several factors taken into account when a candidate is being hired. Besides speaking a similar language and having the required skill set, it is also important that the candidate is culturally fit and of the same time zone. 

Cultural differences, such as not sharing the same values, cause damage to the work culture. If an employee is not reliable or mostly unavailable, it is natural to hesitate in delegating tasks to them as it would mean risking missed deadlines.

Similarly, a difference in the time zone is also a huge barrier in swift project completion. It can be very difficult to catch up with someone whose time difference doesn’t match with everyone else working in the team. This causes a backlog of pending projects, damaging the company’s revenue generation.

To tackle these issues, Sonatafy Technology vigilantly builds and hires a team within the same time zone who offer many solutions, including mobile applications, software development, support, testing, and maintenance for critical path web. 

Sonatafy Technology has over 100 years of software development experience and technical leadership in nearshore outsourcing. The company has a team of professional programmers and software engineers in Latin America who promise to deliver an efficient and dedicated team within a 2-week time frame. This firm stands among the most successful companies delivering managed services, consulting, and, most importantly, exceptional talent who work hard to derive long-term value for the company. 

Sonatafy Technology’s structured candidate and customer engagement process yields successful results when aiming to augment QA engineering and current software teams to reach maximum performance. Regardless of the size of the business, the company’s team of experts diligently interviews and hires the “best breed” of IT specialists for the company to maximize its software development life-cycle investment.

Sonatafy Technology’s credibility is backed by its stellar achievements. The company has generated revenues exceeding $11 million since its formation and has about $33 million in the pipeline. Moreover, the company is recognized by several platforms, including, TopDevelopers, DesignRush, and ITFirms.

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