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Arturo C.
Current Rate: $9,500 | $59/hr

Software developer with 10 years of experience working in web applications design, development and deployment in both small and large teams. Advance knowledge of javascript technologies and front-end optimization techniques and workflows. I enjoy frontend development the most but im fully capable of doing full stack development without any problem. I care about testing and finding the proper tooling and automations that could improve the teams productivity and experience. Im profoundly interested in delivering the best possible experience to the end-user so topics like accessibility and performance are core to me in the design process. Programming is also my hobby and i enjoy reading and helping others learn about it.


Sonatafy Technology
senior frontend engineer 2022 – current
Worked remotely in a recently formed team, helping to develop good workflows and dynamics to improve the teams productivity while ensuring delivering value in-time for our consumers.
Promoted the use of tdd/bdd approaches as well as better flows .
Implemented new features and improvements, including creating data management flows and genomics-related data visualizations and analises in a performant way while ensuring the security and compliance of such data.
Stack: angular, rxjs, node, python

Sonatafy Technology
senior fullstack engineer 2019 – 2022
Worked in an always-evolving environment in a variety of projects related to both healthcare and public government administration industry, from management systems to data visualizations, to patient and provider consumer apps.
Promoted and implemented the use of process automation ci technologies and approaches such as code linting, unit testing (tdd/bdd), e2e testing, code coverage, feature flagging, testing environments, performance audits and automated deploys.
Lead projects as well as taking ownership of the whole development process and tooling, from developing prototypes to growing such projects into high-quality production-ready applications served to over 500k users worldwide.
Develop secure and thoroughly automatically tested applications that handle personal health information in a secure and compliant way to ensure the users privacy.
Tech stack: react, node (express, nest), webpack, graphql, couchbase, ruby on rails, python

Sonatafy Technology
senior ui engineer 2018 – 2019
Worked in a highly fast paced small team, helping the company to grow from 3 engineers into a mid-size 20-engineer company.
Actively participated in the design and improvement of engineering and agile practices, proposing different tools and workflows that could improve the dynamic within the team as well as to provide a more productive pipeline for engineers through the use of automation tools, implementing a whole automated deployment ci/cd pipeline from zero.
Lead the frontend team participating actively in the engineering and design decision making, advocating for accessibility and performance to deliver the users with the best possible experience.
Develop secure and thoroughly automatically tested applications that handle personal health information in a secure and compliant way to ensure the users privacy.
Tech stack: emberjs, react, vue, node, laravel, postgresql, aws

frontend engineer 2017 – 2018
Worked remotely in a multidisciplinary team in order to deliver the best product possible.
Implemented new redesign and added new data visualization features to the platform while writing maintainable and extensible code in a ci workflow.
Enhanced the platforms reach by implementing i18n tools and flows that allowed the product to reach non-local markets.
Tech stack: react, webpack, d3, nodejs, firebase

full stack engineer 2015 – 2017
Grew from an internship into a full time position getting involved directly in the product and design process to deliver the client with the best product for their needs.
Implemented both projects from the start as well as maintaining legacy code and extending it to work within a maintainable ci workflow and deploy.
Enhanced the platforms reach by implementing i18n tools and flows that allowed the product to reach non-local markets.
Tech stack: angularjs (1. X), angular 2-4, react, jquery, nodejs, asp. Net mvc, dotnet core, mysql server, azure
full stack engineer 2013 – 2017
Worked in both research and development projects, as well as a mid-time job maintaining the schools internal sites and applications.
Worked closely with both developers and researchers to plan, design and develop robust solutions in a timely manner.
Tech stack: jquery, backbone, angular, python, django, flask, mysql, mongodb

Yayu. Dev (programming blog)
writer, designer, full-stack developer 2017 – current
Personal site and blog about web development, focused on frontend but also wrote extensively and did tutorials about nodejs and other javascript related topics.
Designed and developed from scratch while focusing on performance and reliability with features such as web workers for caching, preloading and offline support, including ci and testing pipeline as well as performance checks with lighthouse.
Currently not active due to studying a second university degree.
Tech stack: react + node (1st version), vue. Js + nuxt (2nd version), netlify github, adsense, google analytics.



Computer Engineering

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California — 2012 – 2016

Worked on the university’s internal and external projects as part of my extracurricular activities and as a mid-time job, such as software-based research projects, web applications for learning activities and smart security systems. Participated also in the research and publication of a paper regarding the usage of an intelligent affective-dialogue based language processing chat system as a tutoring tool for teaching students in an automated way.



  • Machine learning fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2022)
  • Angular Unit Testing (Platzi INC, 2022)
  • Angular Rest API’s consumption (Platzi INC, 2022)
  • Angular Router & Lazy loading (Plazi INC, 2022)
  • Angular Forms optimization (Plazi INC, 2022)
  • Angular components & services (Platzi INC, 2022)
  • Angular fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2022)
  • Practical Frontend development (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Professional javascript (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Javascript fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Basic javascript (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Practical React (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Async Javascript (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Backend Auth with Node.js (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Backend with Node.js and PostgresQL (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • ECMAScript 6+ (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • CSS Grid (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • Frontend development (Platzi INC, 2021)
  • js fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2020)
  • Introduction to Webpack (Platzi INC, 2020)
  • Jenkins fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2020)
  • Javascript school (Platzi INC, 2020)
  • Flutter fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2019)
  • Professional Vue.js (Platzi INC, 2017)
  • Angular 2 & ASP.NET MVC (Pluralsight, 2016)
  • Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SCRUMstudy, 2016)
  • Professional backend (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Web development fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Web Responsive design (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Ruby on rails fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Ruby fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Angularjs fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Javascript & jQuery (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Python & Django (Platzi INC, 2016)
  • Java fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2015)
  • Professional React.js (Platzi INC, 2015)
  • Professional frontend (Platzi INC, 2015)
  • Professional Ruby on Rails (Platzi INC, 2015)
  • Professional Node.js & Javascript (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • UX design (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 fundamentals (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • Mobile application design (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • Introduction to User Interface Design (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • Git & Github (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • Responsive design (Platzi INC, 2014)
  • Javascript & jQuery (Platzi INC, 2014)


Programming Languages:

  • Javascript (10 years)
  • Python (10 years)
  • Ruby (7 years)
  • Typescript (5 years)
  • C# (4 years)
  • Elm (3 years)
  • Dart (2 years)
  • Kotlin (1 year)

Frameworks and Tools:

  • Frontend:
    • React (8 years)
    • js (5 years)
    • Angular (4 years)
    • Nuxt (4 years)
    • Preact (3 years)
    • D3 (4 years)
    • Ember (3 years)
    • Svelte/SvelteKit (2 years)
    • Solid (1 year)
    • Remix (1 year)
    • Astro (1 year)
  • Backend:
    • Express (9 years)
    • Ruby on Rails (7 years)
    • Meteor (4 years)
    • Django (4 years)
    • Nest (3 years)
    • NET MVC (3 years)
    • Flask (3 years)
    • Sinatra (2 years)
    • Hapi (2 years)
    • Sails (2 years)
    • Adonis (1 year)
  • Testing:
    • mocha (6 years)
    • jasmine (6 years)
    • cypress (5 years)
    • testing library (4 years)
    • storybook (4 years)
    • lighthouse (4 years)
    • Jest (3 years)
    • ava (3 years)
    • Puppeteer (3 years)
    • playwright (1 year)
    • vitest (1 year)
    • WebdriverIO (1 year)
    • dev (1 year)
  • Tooling/Build:
    • babel (6 years)
    • Webpack (5 years)
    • gulp (3 years)
    • grunt (2 years)
    • rollup (2 years)
    • parcel (1 year)
    • turbopack (1 year),
    • esbuild (1 year)
    • snowpack (1 year)
  • Mobile:
    • React-native (4 years)
    • Expo (4 years)
    • Cordova (2 years)
    • Ionic (2 years)
    • flutter (2 year)

Data Base:

  • MySQL (8 years)
  • Postgres (8 years)
  • Mongodb (6 years)
  • Redis (6 years)
  • SQLite (5 years)
  • SQL Server (3 years)
  • Couchbase (2 years)
  • firebase (2 years)


  • Agile (8 years)
  • SCRUM (8 years)
  • kanban (3 years)


  • Spanish (Native), English (Fluid), Japanese (N3)

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