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Irving C.

fixed Monthly rate: $10,500 | $61/hr

Senior Javascript Fullstack
Guadalajara, Mexico – CST

Software developer with experience in FullStack development and Mobile Native Development: NodeJs, Python, ReactJs, Android with Kotlin/Java, IOS with Swift, AWS services like RDS, EC2, Lambda, S3, EKS, SQL, and NoSQL. Experience with some frameworks like NestJs, Django, ReactJs, Angular, and Docker.


Sonatafy Technology Backend Developer 2022 Present

Worked directly with the client developing LVMPD system, a platform to manage police officer
overtime, notifications via email, SMS, lottery to assign officers to shifts, events, as well as First
Come First Serve assignation, Admin management, all integrated with Cognito and AWS services.
I’ve implemented Lambda functions to authorize users to consume API.
Validating requests through a Lambda checking valid JWT’s
Retrieve images and resize on the flight, connecting to an S3 bucket and getting images, processing them
with python pillow.
Amazon Cognito preSignUp, postSignUp lambdas.
DynamoDB to store Airline manifests files metadata, storing the information extracted from Amazon
Backend development with NodeJs and NestJS, MySql, and AWS services such as EC2, Fargate,
Pinpoint, RDS, Secrets Manager, Cognito, Lambda, and Docker.
Fullstack Developer 2021 2022
Worked as Fullstack developer in some projects for Expedia Group. Developed functionalities like flights
cancellation and reimbursement, also worked on a project to create a Map for road trips based on
Expedia’s data of Hotels, restaurants, places of interest, etc.
Java and Kotlin for backend development, Spring framework, ReactJs, MongoDB, Docker,
Microservices, AWS, Graph Hopper.
Fullstack 2019 2021
Worked as a Fullstack developer to build some projects for Airlines, all from scratch. System
to manage the company personnel, flight attendees, pilots, etc. As well as manage internal
communication, with web and mobile applications. Dashboards to show airline and flights
information, metrics, costs, etc.
We used NodeJs, NestJs, SocketIO, RabbitMQ, Docker, AWS, Mongo DB, and Firebase.
Payment Gateways. (Stripe and others)
Android native development: Room, Retrofit, Google services, Firebase.
Fullstack 2017 2019
Worked as a Fullstack developer, building a platform focused on Sports, Bets, and Social Networks.
Platform to request home services like furniture cleaning, car wash, and inapp payments.
InApp chat
We used development: NodeJs, Express, PHP with Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, as well as
Angular 5 for frontend development.
Android native development: Room, Retrofit, Google services, Firebase.
IOS native development: UIKit, Swift 4, Core Data.
Fullstack Parttime project.
A platform of live streaming content, to stream live video, communication via chat, video rating, and
We used NodeJs with NestJS and Python with Django frameworks, ReactJs, MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, AWS
Media convert, S3, EKS, Docker, Kafka Connect, and Nginx

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


    Programming Languages:
    Javascript/Typescript: 6 years
    Python: 5 years
    Kotlin: 4 years
    Java: 2 years
    Swift: 2 Years
    Frameworks and Tools:
    Express: 6 years
    AWS: 5 years
    Docker: 3 years
    NestJs: 3 years
    Django: 3 years
    AWS Lambda: 2 years
    Spring: 1 year
    Kubernetes: 1 year
    Kafka: 1 year
    DynamoDB: 6 months
    Data Base:
    Mysql: 4 years
    MariaDB: 4 years
    MongoDB: 4 years
    Postgres: 2 years
    Redis: 3 years


    Agile, Cascade.


    Spanish, English


    TI Engineer at Technological University of Torreón

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