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Javier B.
Current Rate: $8,750 | $55/hr

FullStack Web Developer
Bogotá UTF -5

Back-end enthusiast and front-end admirer with a love for best code practices, the linting process, and TDD. Strong foundations in Ruby and JavaScript. A prolific and continuous learner of new libraries and technologies.


Sonatafy Technology
Back-end Developer
● Solved more than 30+ tickets.
● Helped in the additions of properties and endpoints to gRPC services.
● Created integration tests for gRPC endpoints handlers, mimicking real requests and finding possible edge cases
to be tested.
● Fix bugs in the back-end, helping improve the data displayed to the user.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, proto3 (gRPC), RSpec.

Full-Stack Web Developer
● Solved more than challenging 15+ tickets, adding or changing logic to the codebase based on
detailed instructions.
● created more than 2+ back-end new features, returning records and data dynamically.
● solved more than 1+ bugs present in the codebase from old implementations.
● Assisted weekly meetings with other developers and the client to improve the app and get and
receive feedback.

Full-Stack Web Developer
● Solved more than 20+ tickets.
● Support in the continuous development of the main platforms of Cuseum
● Created more than 10+ new features.
● Solved more than 5+ bugs present in the codebase from other implementations.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, RSpec Javascript and React.

Full-Stack Web Developer
● Developed agile platforms focused on delivering the information of services and products belonging to companies
and different clients in Colombia.
● Mentored and taught the basics of WordPress to company employees, boosting internal workflows by
● Created a dynamic asset management workflow while integrating Cloudinary, increasing load speeds
by more than 50%.
● Created a unique design using WordPress child themes, thus improving user experience.

Fun Courses/ Self-Project

Web Developer
● Built with Ruby on Rails as an API, React, and Redux. View Repo.
● Built the backend as a loosely coupled app from the front-end, a rails API serving requests.
● Created the Front-end with React and Redux using functional components and a local redux store,
architecting the code to be scalable and sustainable.
● Setup the deployment in Heroku and Netlify, following best practices.
● Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React & Redux, Postgresql, Heroku and Netlify.

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


Programming Languages: Ruby (3 years), Javascript (4 years), HTML5 (5 years), CSS (5 years) and Bash (2 years).
Frameworks and Tools: Ruby on Rails (3 years), React & Redux (2 years), Git (3 years), GitHub (3 years), Heroku (3
years), Netlify (2 year), Mobile/Responsive Development (3 years), RSpec (3 years), Jest (1 year), TDD (3 years).
Data Base: MySQL (3 years), Postgresql (3 years) and Redis (2 years).
Methodologies: Agile Development (3 years).
Languages: Spanish and English


December 2019 – April 2021
Remote Full Stack Web Development Program, Full Time
● Gained strong foundations in algorithms, data structures, and full-stack development leveraging languages like Ruby,
Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux. Fulfilled more than 40+ projects complying with industry best practices.

Filmmaking, Digital Photography January 2009 – September 2014


Microverse Software Development Program

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