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Jorge C.

Current Rate: $9,750 | $60/hr

FullStack Ruby On Rails Developer
Mexico City (Central Standard Time)

Software developer with experience working in large and small teams remotely for large applications such as Freshly. Most of my experience has been using technologies like Ruby On Rails and React, although I have also done some projects with Symfony PHP, BackboneJS, and Vanilla.


Sonatafy Technology | Nearshore Software Development
Mid Ruby On Rails Developer — June 2021 – Present
● My team and I developed the implementation of several microservices that were responsible for collecting and calculating total prices from various discounts and promotions.
● All the code we developed was 100% tested using Rspec, CypressJS, Shoulda Matchers, and other tools.
● Ruby On Rails, GraphQL, gRPC, StimulusJS, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Rspec.

Mid Ruby On Rails Developer — December 2020 – June 2021
● I’ve worked at Diagnostikare ( for 6 months, where I was part of a 5-person team.
● My team and I developed an online pharmacy for the company, and we developed an algorithm to be able to schedule medical consultations online by video call or by direct call with a specialist doctor.
● In the time that I worked at the company, we managed to acquire 3 new contracts with companies such as Bojanini, DoctorAnyTime, and IOS Offices. Making a personalized platform for each company.
● Ruby On Rails, MiniTests, Capybara, PostgreSQL, StimulusJS.

Tide MX
Full-Stack Developer — November 2018 – December 2020
● I worked in the company as a freelancer providing development services for different projects such as MentitaBaby (, The Grand Lounge Elite (private in, Monte de Piedad and Marcha Virtual LGBT (
● I worked on various projects that used a different technology for different purposes. Among them, was the realization of a real-time video game for an event, the administration and maintenance of a waiting room company at the airport, and the complete development of a multilevel business platform for baby toys.
● Symfony, Ruby On Rails, React, CypressJS, NodeJS, and Java.

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


Programming Languages: Ruby, PHP, JavaScript
Frameworks and Tools: Ruby On Rails, React, GraphQL, RESTApi
Data Base: SQL, PostgreSQL
Methodologies: SCRUM, KanBan
Languages: English, Spanish


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Graphic Design — June 2016 – June 2020
● Courses and classes related to improving design skills. Aesthetics, drawing, graphic design, animation, and web design.
● I started using VsCode, Figma, and other graphic tools such as Blender, Adobe XD, and Illustrator.


Software Developer Bootcamp — June 2016 – June 2020
● Activities and societies: Spent 1300+ hours mastering algorithms, data structures, and full-stack development while simultaneously developing projects with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux.
● Developed skills in remote pair programming using GitHub, industry-standard git-flow, and daily standups to communicate and collaborate with international remote developers.


Docker Essentials — January 2022
● Credential ID 4addf739bd72491fbb2d8da8654428db
RestAPI (Intermediate)— Nov 2020
● Credential ID: A41BD701D6B3


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