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Jose C.

Current Rate: $10,000 | $63/hr

Senior Software Developer
Tijuana B.C. (Pacific Standard Time)

Full Stack Software developer with 9 years of experience working with Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, C#, SQL and NoSQL databases, and frameworks like Rails, Vue.js, NuxtJS, Yii2, among others. I like to help others and be a good team player. I am also a fast learner; an adaptable person and I love challenges.


Sonatafy Technology
Senior Software Developer — 2021 to present day
● I have been working in this company for almost a year and a half. Here I have grown as a developer and as a person, being part of a wonderful team and working side by side with talented engineers.
● I keep pushing myself to be up to date and thanks to the high-quality standards of Sonatafy, that have been not only possible but also, they have encouraged and supported me to improve my career. For example, I have been studying with the GoRails platform and I had the opportunity to attend to the Rails Conf 2022.
● I helped build the Variable Pricing System and Order Management System.
● Implemented the use of gRPC for Microservices.
● Enhanced the Microservices, focusing on functionality and performance
● Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, gRPC, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React.

Certus Laboratory
Senior Software Developer (Independent Service Provider) — 2018 to 2021
● I worked there as a service provider, helping develop their online store, their electronic invoice integrations, and many applications for internal use and management.
● Made extensive use of websockets, integrations with third party apps via API consumption and webhooks.
● Enhanced their process automation and built their custom online store, as well as a Desktop Agent to control the access and communications in all their internal apps.
● Tech stack: Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, NuxtJS, C#

Bluesage Software
Software Developer — 2015 to 2021
● Worked as a Payroll and as a Service Provider, as part of their team to collaborate in building their main web application
● Implemented integrations for online parts catalogs, made online payments and pin-pad integrations.
● Created a form builder for easier dynamic html/css generation in ruby, as well as helpers for simplifying the work with data grids.
● Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJs

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


Programming Languages: Ruby (8 years), PHP (9 years), C# (5 years), Node.js (6 years), JavaScript (9 years)
Frameworks and Tools: Ruby on Rails (8 years), Yii2 (9 years), Vue.js (5 years), NuxtJS (5 years), jQuery (9 years), Git (9 years)
Data Base: Microsoft SQL Server (14 years), MySQL (9 years), PostgreSQL (9 years), MongoDB (6 years).
Methodologies: AGILE (8 years).
Languages: Spanish, English


Computer Science at Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas. (2003 – 2008)


● Software Engineering Quality (Postgraduate Course)
● Software Project Management (Postgraduate Course)
● Distributed Databases (Postgraduate Course)
● Computational Mathematics (Postgraduate Course)
● Databases for Decision Making (Postgraduate Course)
● Advanced Data Structures (Postgraduate Course)
● Advanced Programming Techniques (Postgraduate Course)
● Qualitative Data Analysis (Postgraduate Course)
● Parallel Computing (Postgraduate Course)
● Scientific Investigation Methodology (Postgraduate Course)
● Concurrency and Recovery (Postgraduate Course)
● Data and Knowledge Modeling (Postgraduate Course)

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