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Josué A.
Current Rate: $11,500 | $72/hr

Senior Lead Ruby Developer
Mexico City – CT

Starting in 2009 my experience in software development, converted from small websites to big web apps with millions of users; always hungry to learn new technologies and passionate for the work I do.

Teamwork is one of my bests skills by always participating, giving ideas and opinions and if needed guidance to coworkers, and why not, saying poetic phrases to level up morality from time to time.


Sonatafy US
Lead Software Engineer — 2021-06 – Current

• Leading a team of eight developers in charge to assign tasks, provide guidance for architecture implementation, code questions code review and every day stands.
• Architect, develop and deployment of three new microservices built in Ruby on Rails and gRPC; which absorbed the whole purchase process.
• Architect, develop and deployment for testing environment, of admin tool built with NextJS as Front-End, GraphQL as gateway and Ruby on Rails with gRPC for the microservice.
• Report to corporate team advances on current projects and giving them delivery dates.
• Report to engineer Managers general feeling of the team, individually and collective.
• Resolution of incidents related to multiple areas of the website and platform.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, gRPC, React, NextJS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes

Full Stack Developer — 2019 – 2021

• In charge of building a microservice in Ruby on Rails with a JSON API to manage all calculations.
• In charge of front-end for reporting calculations, building a front-end using SSR and custom JavaScript for charts rendering
Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, JS, HTML, CSS

Full Stack Developer — 2014 – 2019

● Help building any type of application business needed, from small websites or animated ones to Ruby on Rails applications to launch surveys for certain stakeholders. Assist with technical answers on meetings with clients of the business.
● Lead junior developers to adopt best practices and align with current business code standards.
● Delivered on time projects with very short time and high pressure.


Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, JS, HTML, CSS


Programming Languages:
• Ruby – 8 years
• JavaScript – 12 years
• TypeScript – 1 year
• JSON – 3 years
• HTML – 12 years
• CSS – 12 years

Frameworks and Tools:
• Ruby on Rails – 8 years
• gRPC – 1.5 years
• Git – 5 years
• JIRA – 1.5 years
• Linux – 5 years
• NextJS – 0.5 years
• React – 0.5 years

Data Base:
• PostgreSQL – 7 years
• MySQL – 3 years

• Agile
• English
• Spanish


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Mechanical Engineer

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