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Luis E.
Current Rate: $11,000 | $64/hr

Senior Backend Engineer
Guadalajara, México (CST)

Programmer focused on integral development and has been a central part of agile development teams in the automotive and software markets. Experience across the software lifecycle, from concept and design through to development and testing. Some of the technologies of expertise are C++/C mainly.



Sonatafy Technology

Senior C++ Backend Developer — July 2022 – Present

  • Maintained and enhanced an essential MFC application, ensuring uninterrupted operation and optimal performance.
  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to facilitate deployments in diverse client environments.
  • Contributed to front-end development for a .NET application, contributing to a unified and user- friendly interface.
  • Assisted in updating SQL databases, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest software version while minimizing downtime.
  • Facilitated the setup of developer environments to streamline the testing and validation process for changes before release.
  • Created releases for the different applications, including MFC, .NET applications, and services.
  • Worked collaboratively with QA teams and customers to triage issues that were impossible to reproduce during the development phase, ensuring timely resolution and customer satisfaction.

Achievements: Elevated the efficiency and maintainability of the MFC application by executing a comprehensive code refactoring initiative. This transformation allowed for swift adaptation to unique client requirements, fostering increased scalability and robustness.

Technologies used: C++, Visual Studio, git, Azure, Scrum, .NET, C#, Javascript, css3, sass, batch, PowerShell, replicon,
node.js, internal tools.

Toshiba GCS
Software Engineer III — Sep 2021 – Jul 2022
  • Professional Services GDL Team Lead
  • Created new features for a distributed system based on requirements provided by the customer.
  • Maintained legacy code to ensure system stability and performance.
  • Reviewed requirement documents to guide ongoing development and provided valuable input during design decisions, contributing to effective project execution.

Achievements: Proactively identified and addressed team needs by creating a toolkit that reduced engineers’ ramp-up and development time by over 60%, resulting in significantly more efficient onboarding and development process.

Technologies used: C++, AccuRev, internal debugging tools, batch, distributed systems, makefiles, agile

Project Advisor — Aug 2020 – Sep 2021
  • Reviewed requirements provided by the client, offering feedback and posing questions to resolve ambiguities effectively.
  • Implemented APIs through AWS and seamlessly integrated them with third-party systems.
  • Proactively anticipated potential issues related to third-party integration technologies and devised contingency plans for swift problem resolution. Proposed alternative tools and strategies to achieve project objectives, optimizing solutions.
  • Automated requests to reduce loading time and enhance overall cloud processing efficiency.

Achievements: Successfully navigated the challenges of rapidly learning and adapting to multiple technologies on the fly, including Firebase, RxJS, Yahoo APIs, Rakuten APIs, and at times, technologies with limited, incorrect, or missing documentation. This adaptability was essential, even when faced with outdated or inaccurate documentation, ultimately contributing to the project’s success. Overcame language barriers by working with documentation in other languages, demonstrating flexibility and problem-solving skills in difficult circumstances.

Technologies used: JavaScript, RxJx, NodeJs, APIs Integration, Firebase, Angular, Slack, Bitbucket, git, Jira

Continental Automotive
C Software Developer — Oct 2018 – Sep 2021
  • Maintained and developed new features for a Linux-based telematics platform.
  • Contributed to creating diagrams of the architecture and system design of the service being worked on.\
  • Played a role in defining software requirements by writing them and reviewing others’ requirements to eliminate ambiguities.
  • Resolved software problems as part of the development process.
  • Development of new features for Linux-based telematics platform.
  • Collaborated in test definition to ensure comprehensive software testing.
  • Conducted training for new team members to facilitate their onboarding and integration into the development team.
  • Participated in code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to coding standards.

Achievements: Collaborated with a colleague in an equal effort to execute a significant code refactoring initiative, implementing a real-state machine dependent on events or results of requests. This substantial effort resulted in a more efficient development process, reducing development, testing, and ramp-up time for other team members by over 50%. Utilized Google Test to reproduce a critical corner case scenario involving successful memory updates, leading to the identification and resolution of issues that could render the system nonfunctional.

Technologies used: C, C++, Google Test, git, Gerrit, jira, IBM Jazz platform, Jenkins, internal automation test tool,
makefiles, agile methodologies.

Apuesta Creativa
FrontEnd Developer — Aug 2015 – Sep 2016
  • A System to calculate the amount of space used in cellars and calculate prices.
  • Integration of 3rd party APIs to reserve a cellar based on the space used.

Technologies used: Javascript, CSS3, HTML, 3rd Party APIs.

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


  • C, C++ – 8 years
  • Git, Jenkins, Makefile – 4 years
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML, Jira, Gerrit, Google Test, gdb – 3 years
  • NodeJS 2 years
  • Batch, PowerShell – 2 years
  • Angular, .NET, Azure, Firebase, SQL, CMake – 1 year


  • Engineering in videogame development (Aug 2012 – Aug 2015) Universidad de Artes Digitales.
  • MSc in Computer Science (Aug 2016 – Apr 2019) CINVESTAV Centro de investigación y estudios avanzados del IPN Unidad Guadalajara.

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