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Miguel O.
Current Rate: $11,000 | $69/hr

Senior Automation DevOps Engineer
Mexico City (CST)

Automation engineer with DevOps practices for a team in the US that requires deployments of technologies such as Kubernetes, Argo CD, Circle CI, GitLab, and terraform. This encircles the entire cycle of development, testing, and building of applications, as well as the efficient deployment and management of the resources. We managed to deploy resources as code to allow immutability and code versioning of the infrastructure.


Sonatafy Technology
Sr DevOps Engineer — February 2022
● I’ve worked in pre-packaged food e-commerce where I worked and proposed the implementation of a group of clusters of Kubernetes for multiple environments that cover the cycle of development for the company.
● I implemented the use of Terraform as the IaaC tool which helped deploy clusters in a controlled and versioned way which allowed us to have better visibility of our resources and management of them.
● Enhanced ta the service mesh by implementing Istio and also enhanced monitoring and logging by implementing tools such as Prometheus and logging such as the GCP tools to get metrics for better understanding of the traffic.
● Tech Stack: GCP, ArgoCD, Kubernetes, Terraform. Circle CI

Digital On Us
Sr DevOps Engineer — September 2021 – February 2022
● I’ve worked on deploying Kubernetes with Rancher through IaaC.
● I helped implementing new features for Spinnaker to do native continuous deployments.
● I helped building resources and maintaining for container orchestration in Azure everything around CIS Benchmark compliance.
● Tech Stack: Azure, Terraform, Kubernetes, Rancher, Spinnaker, Jenkins.

Globant Company
Sr DevOps Engineer — October 2020 – September 2021
● Setup and maintenance of Jenkins (JCasC), Kubernetes clusters (eksctl), monitoring (Grafana-Prometheus), Spinnaker (Helm), all documented and automated for scalability and management of multiple environments, as well as housekeeping.
● In depth cloud management on Azure and AWS which involves refactoring of the infrastructure to make it more secure and highly available as well as improving continuous improvement of the procedures to deploy new services.

● Provided consulting services for Globant as a DevOps engineer providing new ideas (and implementing them) to improve automation, scalability and security in the cloud for Cloud Native Deployments mostly in Kubernetes but also with extended knowledge in Swarm clusters.
● Tech Stack: AWS, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Azure, Terraform, Bash.

DevOps Engineer
02/2018 09/2019

Worked on LinioPay’s project on setting up from scratch the architecture and infrastructure on AWS for Kubernetes with KOPs, integrating CI/CD with Jenkins on K8s, and setting up security using Terraform and Ansible for Hardening on the cluster as we manage a PCI compliance architecture for LinioPay’s transactional platform.

Set up a monitoring and logging architecture that includes Grafana, Prometheus, and Fluentd, which has been automated for its deployment.

I planned and worked on the migration from AWS cloud to GCP of Kubernetes services to GKE where we started from zero to be able to manage canary deployments and deployment versioning.

My main tasks were to set up Ansible playbooks, migrate to Infrastructure as code with Terraform, and CI/CD integration pipeline migration from Travis to Jenkins, as well as troubleshoot and administration of the platform, databases, RabbitMQ nodes, and GCP resources.

Full CV and LinkedIn profile provided upon request.


Programming Languages:
Python – 1 year
• Frameworks and Tools:
AWS – 5 years
Terraform – 4 years
Pulumi – 4 years
Packer – 4 years
GCP – 4 years
Kubernetes – 4 years
• Data Base:
MongoDB – 4 years
DynamoDB – 4 years
S3 (Object Oriented Storage) – 4 years
• Methodologies:
Scrum – 6 years
DevOps – 5 years
• Languages:


Universidad del Valle de Mexico.


GCP Associate in progress

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