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Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer Summary

For 6 years, the development of web applications and applications for SaaS is a subject that I am passionate about and to which I have dedicated myself 100%. And specifically with Ruby and Ruby On Rails for the last 4 years. So the following is the summary of my experience as a Ruby On Rails developer, but it also gives details of my general work experience in other areas of development and other roles and acquired experience. I want to thank you in advance for your attention and I hope that this information can be useful in this phase of recruitment.

Since approximately 2018 I have dedicated myself entirely to the development of the backend of applications in Ruby and Ruby On Rails with interfaces in other languages for FrontEnd such as Javascript, Ajax, HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. I have also developed automation scripts in other languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, and TCL (Expect).

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

JAN 2016 – Present 

  • Since 2016 I have dedicated myself to developing Web applications, especially in the backend area. for automation solutions for the provisioning of terminal equipment such as Cable Modems, Fiber ONTs to the Home, Enterprise Routers, Firewalls, and Infrastructure servers for companies in the Telecommunications Sector.
    From my experience in Interconnection of the application with telecommunications equipment
    ● Interconnection of the application with IoT
    ● Equipment
    ● Monitoring Web Services
    ● Monitoring Infrastructure Services and microservices
    ● VPNs Configuration
    ● Installation of Infrastructure servers such as DNS, DHCP, POP3, SMTP, Web Server
    ● Cloud or SaaS infrastructure management especially in the form of Docker containers configured in one or more VPS

Technologies and Skills

    • Ruby On Rails versions 5, 6, and 7. Complete configuration of the framework
    • Development of applications with models inherited from ActiveRecord for interconnection with databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite.
    • Development of Models and Controllers for consumption of APIs from third-party applications and other external web data sources.
    • Creation of own REST APIs for the application.
    • Development of Models without database connection where the external data source is not ORM Installation, configuration, and management of Gems Templating HTML with ERB almost exclusively as DSL Creation of dynamic Web components through Partials or Layouts from RoR Version control with Git DevOps CI and CD using Circle CI, Jenkins, Docker, and Git and with additional automation scripts in Pure Ruby
    • Development in three types of environments: Development, Test, and Production
    • Unit tests with RSpec
    • Handling parallel processes or jobs with Sidekiq
    • Using in-memory object handler with Redis
    • Optimization of backend response time with Profiling
    • FrontEnd response time optimization with Turbolinks for RoR version 5 and with Turbo +

      Webpacker for RoR version 6

    • Creating Websockets with Action Cable for RoR v5
    • Replacing Websockets using Hotwire for RoR v6
    • Automatic sending of Emails from RoR application with ActionMailer RoR application
    • App Security with:
      • Devise for authentication
      • Dynamic Tokens
      • Environment Variables
      • Reverse RoR proxy with HTTPS through NGINX Proxy and digital certificates



  • Associate Degree in Electronics (TSU en Electronica) – Antonio José de Sucre polytechnical Institute, Venezuela

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  • US based management providing thought leadership, oversight and consulting
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  • Ongoing management / oversight of career growth and continued education for placed resources, which is unique in our industry
  • We offer comprehensive code audits

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