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Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

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Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer Summary

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer, Philosopher and Programmer with +12 years of experience in Programming. +3 years of experience as a Ruby Web Developer. Enthusiast of Geographic Web Development/DataViz, Crime Studies, and Critical Theory of Technology.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Perform Code Reviews, Technical Support, and General Software Development. Optimize SL queries following The Rails Way. Rake scripting. Background jobs debugging, SL benchmarking. ETL tasks.

    Technologies: Jira, SemaphoreCI, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MySQL, Postgres.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

JAN 2021 – OCT 2021 

  • Create a UI/UX optimized website working with three Microverse developers and a Figma designer to build MVP for a Crowdfunding project. My role as a Product Owner was to set up attainable features to work over each week and follow Stand-Up meetings to negotiate with Team Lead about CX requirements. Generated an admin dashboard to handle financial information.

    Technologies: Postgres, Ruby on Rails, React, Docker, GitHub Actions, TDD, Stripe API, Figma, AWS, Heroku.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

AUG 2018 – JAN 2021

  • Data Science and GIS Console for Security Analysis Company. Backend Developer Role. Use of AWS microservices to start decentralizing multiple monoliths into microservice endpoints.

    Technologies: GitHub Actions for CI/CD. AWS Lambdas with Docker and SAM templates. GraphQL endpoints with AppSync and REST with API gateway. Queries with ElasticSearch. GIS data (geojson) cleaning and seeding.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

JUL 2016 – AUG 2018

  • RStudio, RMarkdown, and LaTeX report. RLeaflet, RPubs, and some other Data Analysis libraries. Python programming to transform DBF data to CSV, and run dockerized OSINT services. Use of Jupyter Notebooks for script documentation.

    Ruby on Rails app to visualize Crime Data and create automated Business Reports. Leaflet.JS map for approx. 50,000 rows.

    Technologies: Oracle PL-SQL, Excel, Azure DevOps, Leaflet.js, Reveal.js, Python Jupyter Notebooks, R, Rmarkdown, emacs orgmode, LaTeX, Pandoc, Ruby Jekyll, Golang/Hugo, Ruby on Rails, PostGIS, RSpec for TDD, GitHub Actions/Boards, Heroku, Ngrok, Docker.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

SEP 2013 – AUG 2018

  • Nutrition App. Transform an Excel spreadsheet and two Business Requirements PDF Documentation into Heroku deployed Rails-React application. Worked with two more Microverse students in the development of a fullfeatured MVP with authentication and authorization.

    Technologies: Postgres, Ruby on Rails, React, Docker, GitHub Actions, TDD, Stripe API. Ngrok and Webpack development server with docker-compose.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer

MAR 2008 – FEB 2012


  • Static site developer. Automate writing processes with Markdown, Pandoc, and GitHub. Hosted on GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

    Use of Emacs Org-mode to automate cross-format content creation with Reveal.js and GoLang/Hugo static generator.
    Data Reporting and OSINT from RStudio.

    Technologies: Pandoc, Debian, bash scripts, Git flow for GitHub Pages, GoLang/Hugo, Ruby/Jekyll, HTML-CSS-JS, SASS, Bootstrap with Jquery, Trello.

Technologies and Skills

  • Web Development

    PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails,React/Redux Git/Docker/Linux/Heroku/AWS

    Productivity Tools

    Basics of SCRUM and Agile.
    Emacs Org-mode / Trello / Slack / Zendesk Office 365 / Sharepoint / Microsoft Teams Open Source: Yunohost, Nextcloud, Framasoft Google Suite

    Data Analysis and OSINT

    Python Jupyter Notebooks, R Studio, Excel, OracleSQL
    Gephi, Sherlock, GIS, OSINT Tools

    Academic Research

    Pandoc, Zotero, JabRef, Mendeley, ROAM, LaTex


  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 2006 – 2010

The Sonatafy Advantage The Sonatafy Advantage

The Company’s software service offerings are widely recognized as “best of breed”, targeting enterprises ranging from Small to Medium Sized businesses through Fortune 500 companies to better help:

  • Maximize the entire software development life-cycle investment
  • Executives and managers trust the development process, which helps reduce micromanagement, allowing increased focus on day-to-day business decisions

What makes Sonatafy unique?

  • US based management providing thought leadership, oversight and consulting
  • Speed of proposals and solution delivery
  • Low employee attrition rate <7%
  • Operating history and marquee clients
  • Proven recruiting and screening systems/processes
  • Align solution to client needs
  • Ongoing management / oversight of career growth and continued education for placed resources, which is unique in our industry
  • We offer comprehensive code audits

While Sonatafy works well in any industry, the Company has achieved significant traction and domain expertise in several high-profile sectors such as:

  • Healthcare, Financial Services, Software Services, SaaS and Consumer Products

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