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QA Automation Engineer

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QA Automation Engineer Summary

QA Automation engineer and manual tester with more than 3 years of experience in software development, admitted to the University of Oxford (IT Systems Analysis and Design program). I am oriented to the fulfillment of objectives, with the ability to work in a team, supported by frameworks for agile software development (SCRUM and KANBAN). Extremely comfortable working with technologies and tools such as JIRA, Jenkins, Postman, Docker, Trello, cloud-storage, AWS, Automation testing with Cypress, JavaScript (React), PHP (lumen, Laravel), Git, bitbucket, GitHub, and Linux.

QA Automation Engineer

2017 to current

  • Spearhead all aspects of the execution of the software testing cycle (SDLC), from planning, design, and execution on web applications.
  • Lead the development of web applications through utilization of Java, Oracle, SQL, and Testing Apps for Android and iOS.
  • Operate on a new product called Heimdall, a one-stop solution to support banks’ processes, validating code, connecting AS/400 platform to Windows, depicting graphs and data tables, showing code errors via a web admin dashboard, and providing a better version control option to IBM AS/400.
  • Leverage extensive expertise to drive the development of an investing app called Piggibox, a SaaS-based web and mobile software application to connect prospective investors with investment opportunities and provide diverse tools to support the analysis of data and decision making.
  • Search for and identify errors in the direct debit payment project to prevent and avoid erroneous charges to customers for thousands of dollars.
  • Oversee all elements of the implementation of a test automation project based on the Selenium Suite.
  • Play a key role by pinpointing previously unidentified bugs in online store applications and demonstrate detailed guidance in replication of production environment cases.
  • Actively engage and contribute to a test automation project with HP Quick Test Professional, leading to the automation of over 50% of regression tests.
  • Conduct the monitoring of software development processes and certify that software systems meet quality requirements.
  • Carry out the development and execution of test cases and certify coverage of all functionalities of applications.
  • Attend and participate in regular project team meetings to discuss testing procedures and assignments.
  • Handle the definition and development of test automation to improve efficiency and coverage, leading to reduced time to market.


QA Automation Engineer Technologies and Tools

  • Manual Testing
  • Software Testing Cycle Agile Methodologies
  • Defect Management
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effort Estimation
  • Test execution
  • Test Case
  • Design Problem-Solving
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Postman
  • Jenkins
  • Cross OS testing on Linux, Mac, and windows.
  • Cypress (Test automation)
  • HTML, CSS React Git JavaScript Programming Scrum, and Kanban
  • SoapUI (Load Testing)
  • PHP Programming Redmine (predictive and agile management)
  • Jira (predictive and agile management)
  • Mantis/Bugzilla (defect management)

    The Sonatafy Advantage The Sonatafy Advantage

    The Company’s software service offerings are widely recognized as “best of breed”, targeting enterprises ranging from Small to Medium Sized businesses through Fortune 500 companies to better help:

    • Maximize the entire software development life-cycle investment
    • Executives and managers trust the development process, which helps reduce micromanagement, allowing increased focus on day-to-day business decisions

    What makes Sonatafy unique?

    • US based management providing thought leadership, oversight and consulting
    • Speed of proposals and solution delivery
    • Low employee attrition rate <7%
    • Operating history and marquee clients
    • Proven recruiting and screening systems/processes
    • Align solution to client needs
    • Ongoing management / oversight of career growth and continued education for placed resources, which is unique in our industry
    • We offer comprehensive code audits

    While Sonatafy works well in any industry, the Company has achieved significant traction and domain expertise in several high-profile sectors such as:

    • Healthcare, Financial Services, Software Services, SaaS and Consumer Products

    The Sonatafy Advantage Why Choose Sonatafy