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Tech Lead Developer Summary

I am an experienced full-stack developer with over 5 years of experience in developing robust & complex web and API- driven cross-domain applications across technical design, development, testing & deployment. I am very comfortable in contributing to every part of the stack: from UI to API development, to complex integrations with 3rd party applications and workflows. I have excellent development skills in Golang, Python, React, Angular and PHP; have worked on microservices and cloud-native architectures; have a strong fundamental understanding of relational databases such as MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and I’m very good at API design and integration platforms. An excellent team player, I have worked in fast-paced and small agile-based remote teams, and I’m not afraid of responsibility and tight deadlines.

Tech-Lead Developer & Full-Stack Developer

March 20 – Present


  • Micro Services with Golang, Python, MySQL, MongoDB,
  • Nats.
  • Python API’s with Tornado and Flask
  • Python data manipulation with Pandas
  • Cloud-Based Solutions.
  • AWS, Azure, Azure Stack, and vSphere API.
  • Frontend with React(Redux) and Angular8.
  • Mobile-First Development.
  • Data feeds with Kafka.
  • Docker Containers (coding docker files and composing files).
  • GraphQL API.

Full Stack Developer

January 16 – March 20


  • Python/Flask MySQL Restful API with Estafeta API integration.
  • React/Nextjs and Golang MySQL MongoDB Shopify Custom Plugins.
  • WordPress PHP Themes and Plugins development.
  • LimeSurvey Plugins and Themes development.
  • Python/Django and PHP/Laravel MySQL Crud’s.
  • Python/Golang/PHP Mysql MongoDB Restful API’s
  • PHP MySQL Development of a Web Club’s System.
  • React and Python/Django MySQL Timeshare Software Development.
  • Angular and Python PostgreSQL Electronic Billing
  • Web Service Development.
  • Python/Django MySQL POS Web App Development.

Full Stack Developer

  • An active member of the frontend development team, responsible for the
    implementation of new features and bug fixing on Angular 8.
  • Responsible for debugging Golang microservices, analysis and coding of
    database migration scripts, active code reviewer on features and bugs
    pull requests.
  • Responsible for backend development of multiple Golang microservices
    using an API First Approach and coding of new features on existing

Lead Developer

Innoneo portal is designed to present integrated access to a patient’s health
records, appointments, care plans, care team, and vital signs monitoring.
This application is integrated via APIs to EMR, Care ManagementSystems,
telemedicine, and virtual care.


  • Responsible for frontend development using React with Redux
  • Responsible for back

Full Stack Developer, Data Analyst, System Architect


  • Responsible for backend development using Python with Flask
  • Analysis of complex data structures, data manipulation with Python and
    Pandas, Analysis, integration, and fixing of third
  • Party mapping tools and mapping
  • Schemas into existing flows
  • Setup of local environments and pre prod images as microservices
  • Kubernetes environment bug fixing, setup, and optimization of scalable data feeds with Kafka, Design of Postman API, and GraphQL testing collections.

Lead Developer


Was responsible for the selection of frontend stack, Lead role for the
frontend development using Angular 9,
Analysis and bug fixing of LSTM machine learning scripts.
Python backend, Integration, and changes on Python backend API, Task
Analysis, and assignment
(iVedha) CFPC Sites Migration

Lead Developer

PHP version migration advisor, an active member of the requirement
analyst team, wrote custom PHP scripts, PHP WordPress theme
customization, PHP plugin development, migration deprecated, and logic
errors fixing, Sites localization and multilanguage implementation,
remediation of vulnerability and security issues was adapted to comply with
the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
(Freelancer) Timeshare Software

Lead Developer, DB Architect, Data Analyst

  • Was responsible for:
  • Backend development using Golang to create Restful API as
  • Analysis of requirements and design of the solution architecture.
  • Design and implementation of the database UML’s into a MySQL.
  • Database.
  • Frontend development using Angular.

(Freelancer) – Lead Backend Developer, DB Architect, Data Analyst

  • Main Researcher on the capabilities of the locker’s hardware and API
  • Responsible for backend development using Golang
  • Build a custom Golang SDK for the locker APIs, based on an existing PHP SDK.
  • Design of the database architecture.

(Freelancer) – Lead Developer, DB Architect, Data Analyst

  • Responsible for backend development using Python with flask
  • Design of the RESTful API.
  • Design of the database architecture.
  • Frontend development using React with NextJs and Apollo frameworks.
  • DevOps with pipeline on Heroku.

(Freelancer) – Full-Stack Developer

  • Responsible for the research of the law requirements and characteristics
    to comply with México’s SAT Electronic Billing SOAP APIs.
  • Backend API development with PHP and Laravel 6 framework.
  • Development of specific client integrations on ScriptCase with PHP.
  • Frontend development with Angular and Bootstrap.

The Sonatafy Advantage The Sonatafy Advantage

The Company’s software service offerings are widely recognized as “best of breed”, targeting enterprises ranging from Small to Medium Sized businesses through Fortune 500 companies to better help:

  • Maximize the entire software development life-cycle investment
  • Executives and managers trust the development process, which helps reduce micromanagement, allowing increased focus on day-to-day business decisions

What makes Sonatafy unique?

  • US based management providing thought leadership, oversight and consulting
  • Speed of proposals and solution delivery
  • Low employee attrition rate <7%
  • Operating history and marquee clients
  • Proven recruiting and screening systems/processes
  • Align solution to client needs
  • Ongoing management / oversight of career growth and continued education for placed resources, which is unique in our industry
  • We offer comprehensive code audits

While Sonatafy works well in any industry, the Company has achieved significant traction and domain expertise in several high-profile sectors such as:

  • Healthcare, Financial Services, Software Services, SaaS and Consumer Products

The Sonatafy Advantage Why Choose Sonatafy