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Test Engineer Summary

I’m a Test Engineer with professional knowledge of Automation and Manual Testing

Test Engineer

2022 – Present

Test Lead on Manufacturing project

  • Create test plans
  • Manage resources
  • Meetings to understand all the requirements to test -Bug Tracking
  • Test Tracking and creation in ALM
  • Reports and Metrics

Test Engineer

2019 – 2022

I was in charge of two projects, in which there was no QA process, so implement the process of the testing life cycle, also create a test plan for each project in which the foundations for better management of the versions that would come in some future and especially a lot of control and quality on the applications and web pages.

We also created a Smoke Test and a Regression of which exploration testing was used for the total knowledge of the applications in my care, one of the most challenging challenges was that they will take into account the importance of testing for quality of a product, so create a series of exhibitions to make the position and the usefulness of testing clearer.

I have so much experience creating Test Automated with Selenium IDE, this was for a support website for this company.

Main Activities:

  • Validation for both applications (Android and iOS)
  • Bug Creation(Name, Description,Steps, Expected Result, Actual Result, and Attachments) in JIRA and Trello
  • Bug Tracking for all the bugs created.
  • Admin Panel (Complete validation of the site because it is a completely new feature)
  • Landing Page (Validations with the client’s recommendations, emphasizing that the page should look perfect)
  • Creation of Test Cycle from scratch: Smoke Test (With metrics, graphs, results tables), Regression (With metrics, graphs, results tables), the weighting of final results, and deliverables.

Test Engineer

2018 – 2019

I was the only QA of the mobile team and validated an application for Android and iOS. The new implementations that the customer had requested. The errors found had to be published in the TFS tool and followed up until all defects were closed.

I also had to create a new TestCases suit to implement the new functionalities, to give my Vo. Bo. after sending my reports with metrics and results of all the validations of every Android and IOS device.
Some support was also provided to the website because the application was hybrid and any errors found had to be reported to the corresponding team as required.

Main activities:

  • Validation for both applications (Android and iOS)
  • Bug Creation (name, description, steps, expected result, actual result, and attachments) in JIRA and Trello
  • Bug tracking for all created bugs.
  • Experience in Scrum meetings with China, South Korea, and the USA.

Data Engineer

2017 – 2018

My main activities were the execution of the Smoke test every new release, and every two weeks or when there are some fixes or a new implementation, we have to perform a Regression Test.

  • We have to test SmarthWatch UI, every functionality must to me tested, and if we found any issue in the application, we have to create the Issue in JIRA, and give all the tracking until this issue is fixed.
  • For the Version Control, we use Jenkins, when a new release is coming they send us a link with the number of the release and all the packages that we need to install in the smartwatches.
  • Also, we have to validate the application for IOS and Android.


Test Engineer

2017 – 2018 

I was in the microprocessor validation team for servers, my main activities were:

  • Creating test cases,
  • Updating old Testcases
  • Running test cycles (With Quality Center)

I was in charge of 3 people when I was assigned to a project in which I had to update the cycles of tests since they were obsolete, after creating a complete smoke cycle and a regression, I sent the validations so that later they gave me feedback for the test cases that I had created. In the end, my manager receives all the results of the cycle validated.


Test Engineer Education

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
    • Grado en Ingeniería, Seguridad informática y de sistemas · (2013 – 2015)
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
    • Grado en Ingeniería, Ingenieria en Sistemas Computacionales · (2010 – 2015)

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