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Web Developer Summary

Experienced Web Developer adept in all stages of advanced web development, 10 years of experience in Linux systems administration and DevOps. Proficient in various programming languages like Bash scripting, PHP, go, and javascript. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate in a team setting. Such projects brought experience in VMWare, terraform, ansible, blade logic, and other useful tools like GIT, Jenkins, and cloud experience in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Openstack.

Web Developer / DevOps & L3 Linux Sysadmin


Currently, my position is a combination of a DevOps and classic 3rd level LinuxSysadmin Support role:

  • Container deployment and administration with Docker.
  • Kubernetes and Openshift management.
  • Developing cloud-native applications for internal use. Also, sysadmin duties like:
  • Responsible for 3rd-level support for Linux Suse & Redhat servers. Cluster & HA solutions (Pacemaker Linux HA
  • Server storage connectivity (SAN and NAS)
  • BladeLogic, BASH scripting.
  • Full-stack developer of many apps (HTML5, Javascript, PHP 7, go)
  • SQL Anywhere 17 & HANA deployment Jenkins,
  • Openstack basic setup (nova, cinder, glance, neutron, swift, horizon, keystone).
  • Automation using Ansible and Terraform.
  • CEPH cluster setup.

Web Developer / Unix and Linux Sysadmin

APR 2014 – SEP 2015

Member of the L2 Support group, maintaining SuSE servers, providing troubleshooting (CPU usage, memory usage, network issues, etc), log analysis, incident management, server builds (VMware & barebone), and server decommission.

Tools used:
BMC Bladelogic, Tivoli, Netbackup, OpsCenter (solaris), Citrix.

Web Developer / DevOps

FEB 2012 – MAR 2014

Team Lead of the Electronic Arts videogame store (Origin) America’s shift.

  • Ubuntu-based server administration.
  • Responsible for maintaining Kibana, Zabbix, chef, and Jenkins over the AWSCloud.
  • Onboarding new team members.

Software Engineer / Web Developer

NOV 2005 – FEB 2012

  • Responsible for the software architecture design, new technologies research, and re-engineering of the developed software.
  • Responsible for the development of program specifications require flowcharts, class diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), and a variety of other visual techniques to developers including control and monitoring of source code control system, assuring the quality of code by coaching, training, mentor and helping starter jr. developers


Electronic Engineering, Mazatlan Institute of Technology, Mexico

The Sonatafy Advantage The Sonatafy Advantage

The Company’s software service offerings are widely recognized as “best of breed”, targeting enterprises ranging from Small to Medium Sized businesses through Fortune 500 companies to better help:

  • Maximize the entire software development life-cycle investment
  • Executives and managers trust the development process, which helps reduce micromanagement, allowing increased focus on day-to-day business decisions

What makes Sonatafy unique?

  • US based management providing thought leadership, oversight and consulting
  • Speed of proposals and solution delivery
  • Low employee attrition rate <7%
  • Operating history and marquee clients
  • Proven recruiting and screening systems/processes
  • Align solution to client needs
  • Ongoing management / oversight of career growth and continued education for placed resources, which is unique in our industry
  • We offer comprehensive code audits

While Sonatafy works well in any industry, the Company has achieved significant traction and domain expertise in several high-profile sectors such as:

  • Healthcare, Financial Services, Software Services, SaaS and Consumer Products

The Sonatafy Advantage Why Choose Sonatafy