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Backend Software Engineer Summary

Backend Engineer with more than 10 years of experience with a wide experience in software architectural design, cloud computing, and software quality. I’m a very passionate person, I’ve got a commitment to my career, I like to be always aware of new technologies and learn everything I can about them. My Career is my hobby as well.

Backend Software Engineer

2020 – Current

Backend Engineer Responsibilities:

Working as a back-end engineer in healthcare industry projects in which we keep track of people’s health records, they can share them with their physicians and keep their data safe by using encryption.

Technologies and tools:

Java, NodeJS, AWS.

Backend Software Engineer

2018 – 2020


Active participation in maintaining and improving systems in charge of getting small businesses information from social platforms (Facebook) and public opinion websites (Yelp, Trip Advisor). I began here as a software engineer and then I was promoted to tech lead.

Technologies and tools:

AWS, Microservices, International Team, IntelliJ, ETLs, Multi Threads, Unit Tests, CI/CD, SCRUM, Jira, Java, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, JQuery.

Backend Software Engineer

2015 – 2020


Active participation on the entire software development lifecycle, working on several projects, creating completely new solutions, and maintaining existing ones, using a mix of technologies always following the client requirements and constraints. I have been assigned to pawnshops, pharmaceuticals, and software development companies, interacting directly with the client.

Technologies and tools:

AWS, Java, .NET Core, .NET MVC, JQuery, Microservices, WPF, ReactNative, Angular 2+, VB, C #, CSS3, HTML5, IIS, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLServer, Oracle 11g, DynamoDB, Docker, GIT, TFS.

Software Architect

2018 – 2019


Active participation as a software architect, in charge of the front end, designing and developing technical components, teaching, and leading software engineers, defining technologies to use based on the software requirements.

Technologies and tools:

AWS, C #, .NET Core, Angular 6, JQuery, Microservices, CSS3, HTML5, IIS, Visual Studio, SQLServer, GIT, TFS.

Software Engineer / Solutions Architect

2012 – 2017


Worked at Zurich on different periods, always participating actively in the entire software development LiveCycle, I started the SOA architecture that is still being used, using DataPower as ESB and applying SOA Design Patterns, this in order to share the same internal services on both, the website and the mobile application, for the Mobile App we expose a JSON Facade that later was transformed to XML documents that were the ones our internal SOA infrastructure used.

During my time at Zurich, I was promoted to Solutions Architect of the entire company, being responsible for the entire company’s applications landscape.

Technologies and tools:

AWS, Java, ASP .NET, .NET MVC, JQuery, SOA, DataPower, VB, C#, WSDL, XSLT, XPATH, SCHEMA, CSS3, Visual Studio, HTML5, IIS, TFS, SQLServer, Design Patterns, Prime Faces, Spring Core, Spring, Security, Spring MVC, Spring WS, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, REST, SOAP, Ibermatica.

Software Engineer

2013 – 2014


Active participation in the construction of a new system for Bancomer, the system was able to render GUI components dynamically. The main purpose of the system was to handle a portfolio investment for employee’s retirement plans.

Technologies and tools:

Java, JQuery, Spring Cloud, CSS3, HTML5, REST, SQL Server, Design Patterns, Prime Faces, Spring Core, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring WS, Spring Boot, CODES.

Software Engineer / Software Architect

2010 – 2011


I began at this company as a software engineer, then I was promoted to Software Architect, this company developed software for the government, using only Oracle technologies because we were Oracle Partners.

Technologies and tools:

ADFSVN, Java, UML, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, Oracle 11g, Design Patterns.

Software Engineer

2009 – 2010


I started here as a practitioner, then a permanent position was offered to me.

Here I had active participation in the entire software development Livecycle and I had direct contact with the client, I was in charge of developing new systems (small ones) for small companies.

Technologies and tools:

VB, C#, IIS, ASP .NET, .NET MVC, JQuery, Visual Studio, SQLServer.

The Sonatafy Advantage The Sonatafy Advantage

The Company’s software service offerings are widely recognized as “best of breed”, targeting enterprises ranging from Small to Medium Sized businesses through Fortune 500 companies to better help:

  • Maximize the entire software development life-cycle investment
  • Executives and managers trust the development process, which helps reduce micromanagement, allowing increased focus on day-to-day business decisions

What makes Sonatafy unique?

  • US based management providing thought leadership, oversight and consulting
  • Speed of proposals and solution delivery
  • Low employee attrition rate <7%
  • Operating history and marquee clients
  • Proven recruiting and screening systems/processes
  • Align solution to client needs
  • Ongoing management / oversight of career growth and continued education for placed resources, which is unique in our industry
  • We offer comprehensive code audits

While Sonatafy works well in any industry, the Company has achieved significant traction and domain expertise in several high-profile sectors such as:

  • Healthcare, Financial Services, Software Services, SaaS and Consumer Products

The Sonatafy Advantage Why Choose Sonatafy

Voted #1 Most Trusted US-Based Nearshore Software Company of 2020, Sonatafy provides access to the TOP 1% of Software Development resources in Latin America.

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Our Developers Engineers:

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