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Crafting Solutions for the U.S. Clientele Like Never Before

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Leadership, Nearshoring, Press Release

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

The world we live in today runs on convenience. Whether it’s about the comfort of calling a loved one thousand miles away from your location or buying things online, the ultimate goal is to offer ease to individuals.

The business sphere is no exception. Many firms worldwide have provided businesses with viable solutions that have yielded tangible results. With time, the need for betterment has risen, causing the competition amongst firms to stay ahead of the competition.

Established in 2020, Sonatafy Technology is a revolutionary model that has provided ease to business entities since its inception. Steve Taplin and David Turner, the visionary co-founders, created the platform as an exceptional software, maintenance engineering, and Q.A. outsourcing firm. The company’s forte lies in expanding a company or business’s team with qualified and refined software professionals from Latin America.

A diversified firm, Sonatafy Technology is chosen by clients for its unmatched services in nearshore software development. The company specializes in crafting solutions for financial industries, SaaS, healthcare, and life sciences, as we understand I.P. security, compliance, scalability, and forging long-term relationships.

What sets the company apart is its relentless efforts to provide businesses and companies with software development teams who aren’t just skilled but are the best at what they do. While most firms tend to put big and small businesses in separate categories, even when they belong to the same market, Sonatafy Technology provides tailor-fit solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Big or small, the tech-enabled services company has a panel of experts who understand what teamwork is all about and ensure the hiring process is carried out correctly. The company delves deep into diversity when hiring candidates, searching all verticals and technical disciplines.

Each individual pulled into the team is highly skilled and provides support and proficient English services in the same time zone. Whether a business requires testing, software development, mobile apps, or support, testing, and maintenance for a critical path web, Sonatafy Technology’s experts successfully deliver a well-trained staff to their clients.

Moreover, Sonatafy has become businesses’ preferred choice to hire teams due to the company’s efficiency. Within 2 to 6 weeks, the company puts together a team of vigilant, dedicated, and qualified individuals for the client’s specific project. Understanding the client’s core problems, experts at Sonatafy Technology target creating teams that only ease the processes further for the company. From cultural barriers to language and time zone differences, the company’s model is specifically designed to cater to all problems businesses and companies face.

The company is backed by 100 years of combined tech leadership and software development experience, which has only aided the company’s benefit. Moreover, the company has a rigorous candidate and customer engagement process, which successfully assists Q.A engineering and software teams in reaching their maximum potential. Besides creating nearshore teams for the clients, Sonatafy Technology also provides managed services and consultancy per the client’s requirements.

Sonatafy technology is focused on creating a better solution for its US-based clients by providing them with top-tier, thoroughly vetted talent from Latin America that are English-speaking, highly sophisticated, and experienced software engineers. The company aims to become the state’s leading nearshore software development services provider.

currently, the experts at Sonatafy Technology are developing an internal software product called Sonatafy Nexxus™, which is set to be released in the coming year. As per the company creators, the software will be the ultimate solution for all businesses with regard to hiring company-specific teams!

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