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How Gamification Can Improve the Employee Experience During The Great Resignation

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Leadership, Nearshoring

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.
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The Great Resignation is becoming one of the most memorable work trends of the pandemic. A significant amount of people have been quitting their jobs, despite high unemployment rates and the feeling of uncertainty throughout the pandemic. Studies show that up to 40% of people are currently thinking about leaving their jobs. Why is quitting your job becoming a trend and how can we improve employee retention throughout our companies?

Gamification can be helpful in many ways to help with employee retention and keep your team engaged in their work. It adds game-like elements including competition, point-scoring, and even some physical activity to non-game situations to encourage interaction and engagement within your team and your business. It can also relieve stress and even add an element of fun to a challenging workday.

In the past, I’ve integrated gamification with reporting systems and used this to try and make mundane tasks fun. It has all been via custom development in the past, however various 3rd party gamification companies are making progress on this and I predict that more options will be available in 2022 for organizations to integrate. 

As we all just experienced a life-changing year, people are putting off going back to the office and sitting at their desks all day. Employee experience is more important now than ever as people are used to being at home and integrating their personal life with their work life. Introducing gamification into your business is a way to keep them interested in the job and their work while encouraging competition and challenging them as well.

One unique way to bring informal collaboration to hybrid work and make WFH employees feel like they are in the office collaborating with their coworkers is by using a platform like Teamflow. With its Sims-esque feel, you can create a customizable virtual office to simulate a regular workplace. This virtual space includes desks, hallways, and the ability to communicate with coworkers in a virtual office or by knocking on a virtual door. It brings new levels of remote engagement and raised $35 million from investors, so I’m sure that we will see this software integrated at more companies in the future.

Keeping your employees engaged in their work is hard in the office and twice as hard when they are remote or hybrid. We need to continue growing and adapting to this new way of working with gamification and simulation to help keep our employees engaged and improve retention.

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