Investment Opportunities & Benefits With Sonatafy Technology

Why Should I Invest With Sonatafy?

Seeking Growth Capital, Not Start-up Capital!
Powerful Sales Strategy & Marketing
Customer Pipeline of $22M in New Opportunities
YoY Projected Revenue Growth of 200%+
Average Client Engagement of More than 1 Year
Nearshore Software Services in Same Time Zone

About Investment Opportunities

The Problem

Companies struggle to hire software developers fast enough due to the demand and internal processes. There is a lack of access to affordable and skilled resources to meet companies’ budgets and timelines.

US teams often need to supplement their internal expertise, but are experiencing burnout from working with offshore teams operating in different time zones.

What problems do we help solve?

  1. Sourcing high-demand developer talent
  2. A need for skilled and affordable developers on a tight timeline
  3. Burnout of US teams from working across different time zones
  4. Companies lack the necessary expertise to ensure software success

The Sonatafy Solution

We help our clients’ software product and solution strategies by building teams that help them accelerate their software development efforts.

Sonatafy has over 100 years of combined technical leadership and software development experience, and a proven track record of delivering high-quality talent. This allows us to proudly serve our customers by matching top talent from Latin America with companies looking to increase growth and manage costs.

We specialize in building solutions for SaaS, healthcare/life sciences, financial, and other niche industries as we understand software compliance, scalability, security and creating long-term relationships.

The Process

Our company is a leading provider of nearshore software developer services and experts in cloud solutions, web and mobile applications, e-commerce, big data, DevOps practices, QA, IoT, and machine learning.

The Demand for IT

Tech services and software spend in US at $825B and growing! Our software service offerings are highly praised by our clients. We target new clients ranging from the Small to Medium Sized Business (SMB) market to Fortune 1000 firms.

Client-centric software solutions are in high demand given the exponential growth of technology products. Producing innovative software solutions requires teams that are constantly collaborating and working efficiently. Geographical proximity (for in-person meetings when needed), cultural similarities, and time zone alignment are key factors for innovation—causing companies to increasingly migrate towards nearshoring solutions vs offshoring to meet their company goals.

I’m Ready To Invest!

Investing with Sonatafy Technology has never been EASIER! With the help of, our 2022 Investment & Growth Campaign is now OPEN TO INVESTMENT.

Earning Trust & Loyalty

Our Executive Team proudly provides complete support for each project from deployment to completion.

Our client-centric software solutions have made us the provider of choice for clients such as TaylorMade, Caterpillar, Sema Technologies, and Semantic AI, among others. With thousands of software engineers deployed to date, clients love our personalized high-touch approach.

We currently have 24 clients and growing quickly. With high-quality delivery and strong customer support, we enable a client to focus on business decisions rather than software issues. 

Team Members Not Gig Workers

Sonatafy Technology is different from typical freelance and recruiting options. Not only do we provide top-tier talent resources, but we also provide the process of fully integrating these resources with your development teams. This leads to improving and escalating your teams long-term, as compared to short-term, temporary placements.

Funding & Allocation

Our Funding & Allocation strategies are developed to produce the most effective outcomes and equal distribution of resources to enhance operations and the customer experience overall.

Planning For Growth

Utilize our infrastructure, processes, sales motion and leadership to create efficiencies in other markets and with additional companies and accelerate our growth.

We have identified these markets for expansion with the some potential acquisition opportunities.

I’m Ready To Invest!

Investing with Sonatafy Technology has never been EASIER! With the help of, our 2022 Investment & Growth Campaign is now OPEN TO INVESTMENT.


All information and materials are for informational purpose only. Investments are only available through certain confidential offering memorandums of the company.  Investors are encouraged to consult with their attorneys, tax advisors, and financial advisors before entering any type of investment.