Mobile App Development Is A Corporate
Goal, But Who’s Going To Champion The Project?

Rapidly expanding mobile web and app use is about to take off exponentially. With the added speed of 5G networks, many more applications such as high-speed videoconferencing and cloud-based image processing will come to fruition. Companies that have been considering designing or upgrading a mobile app product are facing another moment of opportunity, as notes that trade industry organization GSMA has calculated that “5G will grow to more than one billion connections by the end of 2023.” In most companies, though, mobile app development is not something a CIO can delegate internally. The big question is, how to get a mobile presence out there when frequently no manager wants to “own” it?

Getting A Mobile App Development Or App Development Process Presence Established

Many creative problem solvers will look to outsourcing the mobile app, either by contracting with an app development company or using a ready-made customizable app to establish a presence using an MVP, or minimum viable product. Some will also think about offshore or nearshore app development using outsourced IT services in nearby countries. This can reduce the substantial cost of custom mobile app development services and put it in the hands of experienced developers who can meet the feature needs of the company and even participate in the design. Another option, though, is to have the outsourced IT services of a nearshore company, maybe even one that’s already managing some of the company’s internal IT operations, take command of a no-code solution and integrate it with the company’s marketing and web activities.

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Nearshore Outsourced It Services
Are Actually Simple To Connect With Your Team

If suggestions involving international resources have you thinking about the paperwork challenges of outsourced IT services beyond US boundaries, here’s good news: bringing on team members internationally can be as simple as using your local staffing firm. Companies like Sonatafy provide the bridge, employing the workers you select in their home country in Latin America, supporting your project’s needs with administrative and management help, and working with you to provide the skilled, educated, experienced talent you need, in a nearby time zone and with good communication and cultural connections. With the global software developer crunch making hiring high-quality talent in-country difficult for many companies, easy access to labor pools in nearby countries can enable your firm to start planning new projects and seizing opportunities. There are many ways to complement your in-house software development, IT services, QA, and even CTO roles with people who have the specialties and abilities you need.

The Managed No-code Solution Alternative

Outsourcing the creation of custom mobile applications locally or hiring additional talent can be a tough job these days, so offers a solution to the growing shortage of qualified software developer talent by recommending IT-managed app creation: “low-code app development platforms are emerging as the secret weapon to accelerating software delivery.” Having such an agile solution can also be the answer to having a quick mobile app release followed by declining app reviews as the stale initial app is not replaced with one that offers new features and functionality. Many companies use the project management professionals in their IT department to handle in-house and outsourced IT services such as mobile app development, web app development, cybersecurity management, and software development environment maintenance. By bringing experienced software project management talent onboard to specifically handle your mobile app project, you can meet your goals, keep the app current, and not take away from your current team and management activities. Outsourced IT services can provide the people you need via nearshore connections, where your team is selected from IT talent-rich countries nearby.


Outsourced It Services And Software
Development Resources Give Your Organization Flexibility

When the CEO says, “we need an app,” it’s often on the CIO to make it happen, and with current software development resources if it’s going to happen any time soon. Skilled outsourced IT services professionals, software developers, software QA, Agile-ready team members and specialized software resources are available to join your team quickly and remotely through nearshoring. You don’t even have to clear desk space for them, just add them to your videoconferencing and development environment and bring them on board. These are well-educated, experienced developers with the same skills you want to hire locally, but often can’t when you consider your budget and timeframe for app development and other projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App Development Or Mobile App Design

What Programming Language Is Used For Mobile App Development?

Java/Kotlin – Android
Objective C and Swift – Apple
Xamarin/C# – Windows/Mobile

What Is Required For Mobile App Development?

Besides an app design, you need to decide whether to create a native, web-based, or hybrid application and which target operating systems to support. From there, a choice of programming language and development environment (IDE) is necessary, along with a selection of testing and debugging tools so you can ensure your app is of high quality. For some apps, you might also consider integrating cloud services to add processing power or storage.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Mobile App?

An extremely simple app can cost as little as $10,000 to develop, while a complex one can cost $500,000 or more. When budgeting for mobile app development, features are a key part of the cost, adding not only development time but testing time as well.

Is Python Better Than Java?

Python has simplicity advantages making it an easier language to jumpstart and get an app underway, but Java, along with Kotlin, are still the leading mobile app software development languages, especially for apps which require a high degree of data security.

Is Mobile App Development Hard?

Although a simple multi-page hybrid app can be fairly straightforward to develop and publish, most mobile apps are quite difficult to develop and test, especially for both iOS and Android platforms. Experienced mobile software developers have to understand many aspects of app development from libraries and APIs to cloud interfacing and UI design. Many companies use experienced outsourced IT services to implement the mobile app they need.

Is Mobile App Development A Good Career?

Companies, financial institutions, and even governments are following web users to their mobile devices by creating and supporting apps that access their services. This top trend with mobile app development and the strong tendency of users to prefer mobile web activities suggests that this will be a good career for years to come.

Can I Be An Mobile App
Developer Without A Degree?

It’s definitely possible. It’s the skills, not the degree, that will ultimately get you most jobs as a mobile app software developer. For your career’s sake, however, it’s important to look to the future and see what opportunities you may and may not have without a degree if you decide to change your software development job.

How Do Beginners Code Mobile Apps?

An IDE or software development environment is important for anyone developing apps, especially beginners. A language such as Kotlin that makes app development easier is helpful, although Java is also a useful tool. Websites are available with “instant app” features that create a customized version of an existing app design.

Can I Build An Mobile App By Myself?

Yes, there are plenty of tutorials available and software development tools are not difficult for beginners to use. Also, some app development services can help you create an app that features your organization, business, or product and their web design, making it look like you’ve created your own app without any programming.

Why Is Coding So Hard?

Coding requires strong discipline and a grasp of algorithms, an understanding of programming languages and related libraries, APIs and web services, and cloud services. That’s a lot to pull together. Understanding the software architecture in which you are working is an important part of software development on larger projects, where your code may be specific to a single area such as networking or database access.

Is Creating An Mobile App Expensive?

Creating even a demonstration app can be a significant investment, especially for a small business, with finished product costing at least $10,000 and often much more. If you’re willing to invest your own software development time, many types of app development software and programming tools are available, from no-code development to advanced programming.

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    Can I Learn
    App Development Online?

    Can I Learn App Development Online?

    There are plenty of online tutorials and courses that can help you understand app software development concepts and even walk you through the creation of your first app.

    How Do You Create An App For Free?

    App creation software and websites may offer free options, advertising-supported options, and free apps produced by software available for a one-time fee.

    How Long Does It Take To Create An App?

    Simple, no-code app development websites and tools make it a quick process to produce an app. Programming and testing for a more advanced application can take months, however.

    Is Python Good For Mobile App Development?

    Java and Kotlin are still the way to go for many apps, and Python is a viable option in some cases.

    Can You Code On A Phone?

    With today’s phones, there’s little you can do on a desktop computer that you can’t do while mobile. Coding is syntax-critical, though, so where you could write an article on a phone and accept a few errors in the finished product, there’s no room for syntax errors in software development.

    Is Kotlin Better Than Java?

    Kotlin is designed to provide an easier way to code mobile apps than using Java, but it supports many aspects of Java so transitioning your existing programs and programmers to Kotlin should be straightforward.

    How Do I Document A Mobile App?

    It’s best when your code is either self-documenting, which means someone reading it would understand how it works from the code, or documented with comments in the code. For users of the app, linking to a website for documentation is typical, using the built-in browser on the mobile phone to read the documentation text.

    How Do Free Apps Make Money?

    Free apps can use advertising, sponsorship, referral marketing, and data collection and sales to make money through user activities. They can also sell merchandise, accept in-app purchases and use freemium upsell strategies, charge transaction fees, and even use crowdfunding to make money from users.

    How Do You Develop A Budget For An App?

    App development budget templates are a good place to start, helping you to understand the basics of feature development costs and compare developer cost estimates with your own “best guess.” Other strategies include designing an MVP, a minimum viable product, not as your end goal but as a starting point so you can move forward quickly and with a more affordable budget, testing your app’s public reception before you invest in your dream app.

    Is Creating An App Easy?

    Creating a basic hybrid app can be simple, but it’s still not easy. More advanced apps may be straightforward to create, but require experience and software development skills to get the job done. Of course, referring the software development effort to outsourced IT services for mobile app creation does make projects easier in some ways.

    For Mobile App Development And Other Software Development Projects, Nearshore Help Is Available

    Using offshore IT services and software development teams located in nearby countries can ease the recruiting burden of stateside hiring, and also make IT operations more affordable while relying on highly educated, experienced remote team members in Latin America. Count on Sonatafy to simplify your connection with Mobile App Development teams and individual contributors that can bring your app to fruition and keep your business competitive in the increasingly mobile internet marketplace