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Near-Sourcing: One Way to Save Money and Time

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Leadership, Nearshoring, Press Release

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

Near-sourcing has become a growing source of helping many companies balance and optimize their resources and workload, especially in their technology departments. The technology resource cost for many companies is now kept leaner through this technique. Near sourcing is about abbreviating the work stress from the employees within a company and placing some of its operations to the IT talents in nearby countries that operate in the same time zone and share similar cultures. Usually, companies now choose it as a fitting solution. It is different from the longer-term hiring of employees or the aspect of outsourcing, the leading reason being the lower required cost for technology employees. 

The technique has also grabbed the attention of various companies due to the progressive elevation in the cost of their supply chains. It could be in any shape, such as fuel cost or technological advancement. The probable reason is the increasing labor costs in developing nations where most U.S.-based companies outsource their work. It does not mean that the company must always look for near sourcing its work in their home country. The company can opt for the most nearshore, same time zone support for supplementing its operations. 

Entrepreneur Magazine, an article in April 2013, published that many businesses are turning to “Near-Sourcing” to save money and time. Since 2013 this trend has exploded as many companies have shifted their technology and more specifically software development operations toward the near-sourcing bandwagon. This strategy has become a better and more effective replacement for technology outsourcing to offshore countries that operate in different time zones and have dramatically different cultures. 

Sonatafy Technology has been the number 1 most trusted US-based nearshore software company since 2020. The company has raised the stakes in approbating the aspect of near sourcing. It has enabled many U.S. companies to provide their software development work to nearby sources at much lower and more reasonable wages. It also corroborates finding the most productive talent in a timeline as short as 2 weeks. It renders access to the “TOP 1%” of software development resources in Latin America. 

Various U.S. companies are experiencing burnout while working with offshore resources for software development. Its alibi is quite simple; constant collaboration is always required in techniques like software development outsourcing. That is why so many companies, in their tireless routine, are not often able to check the daily progress of their outsourced operations. Sonatafy Technology has developed the concept of near sourcing to eradicate such inconveniences. They have also hired an effective talent acquisition team to deliver the best outcomes. 

The company’s strategy of near-sourcing their operations can also determine whether near-sourcing is remunerative for their business or not. Different factors can be considered, like calculating the cost difference associated with switching from outsourcing to near sourcing or analyzing the change in the speed of delivery by estimating the duration the client requires their delivery. The factors that might be potential risks when using overseas vendors must also be assessed. 

If the company’s deliverable expects intellectual property, it is best to source it closer to home. Ultimately, decisions like these must not be taken lightly and demand a lot of thought and analysis. 

Sonatafy Technology aims to contribute by bequeathing U.S.-based companies with good intentions. This aspiration can save many companies a considerable deal of cost and time. Moreover, the company has shown its attentiveness by providing the perfect software development team to help U.S. businesses grow and prosper.

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