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With Nearshoring Your Engineers…

  • Work In Your Time Zone
  • Are Highly Proficient In English
  • Have Experience In U.S. Culture

With Offshoring Your Engineers…

  • Pose Time Zone Challenges
  • Experience Language Barriers
  • Share Greater Cultural Differences

Want to Unlock Even More Nearshoring Advantages?

Nearshoring vs. Offshoring…It’s Simple!

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The Nearshore Software Development model has become one of the most effective ways for US-based companies to source high-end custom software development services at an incredibly-affordable rate.


Our Software Developers and Engineers cost
on average $40 to $63 per hour


Access to the TOP 1% of Nearshore Software Development resources in Latin America


Sonatafy’s Nearshore Talent Acquisition can place qualified Software Engineering teams in as quick as 2 weeks

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  What Software Challenges Does Sonatafy Solve?


1. Companies Not Able To Hire Software Engineers Fast Enough Due To Demand And Internal Processes

2. Access To Affordable and Skilled Software Engineers To
Meet Current Budgets and Timelines

3. Limiting Burnout of US Software Development Teams by Having

Same Time Zone Support

4. Company Expertise To
Ensure Software Development Success

  Nearshore Benefits

Headquartered in the US, with dedicated teams throughout Latin America (which is one of the best outsourcing countries), our Nearshore Software Developers and Executive Team provide the same time zone and English-proficient services to the Western Hemisphere.

Let Sonatafy Build your Nearshore Software Development team

Nearshore software development breaks the mold of the traditional software outsourcing model. U.S. companies are starting to shift to the idea of quality over quantity when choosing to move parts of their software development business overseas. But what if there was a much better way to hire? What if you could find top tier industry talent, at a reasonable rate, with the same goals and values as your U.S. based business? There is, welcome to nearshore software development outsourcing.

Nearshore software development is all about putting together dedicated teams that meet your company goals without the drawbacks of building an offshore outsourcing team. Our nearshore development teams are built from the top 1% of software engineers and programmers located in Latin America. Meaning our clients receive a full nearshore software development team delivered within 2-weeks!

They’re many companies that have chosen this path for their software development services. Here are some examples of businesses that have used the nearshore software development model, and the advantages behind it.

Careers In Nearshore Software Development

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Get an inside look into the official CVs of actual Sonatafy Technology nearshore developers! We have a wide range of different positions and skills thanks to our talented engineers.

  STEP 1

Nearshore Software Developer


Our Executive Team will meet with you so that we can provide the most strategically selected software development resources available to efficiently address your needs.

  STEP 2

Nearshore Software Developer


After identifying your software engineering needs, our highly-trained Talent Acquisition Team will, interview, code-test and evaluate the best software developers that Latin America has to offer.

  STEP 3

Nearshore Software Developer


Upon contract approval, your chosen resources are immediately deployed and ready to learn, adapt and become effective members of your software development team.

Life Sciences Sonatafy


Sonatafy was engaged by this Life Sciences firm building a SaaS platform designed to speed up drug development by digitizing the Clinical Trial process. The customer needed to accelerate their development efforts and quickly identify defects in their application so the team could…

Online TV Streaming Provider


Sonatafy was engaged by an Online Tv Streaming Provider firm monitoring system performance and limiting down time. The customer needed to accelerate quickly identify defects and errors in their application…








"Sonatafy did such an excellent job of listening to what we wanted and finding us suitable candidates."

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"They have been very focused on delivering great service to our company."

App Development for Health Tech Company

"Sonatafy Technology showed strong leadership and attention to service."

Staff Augmentation for Healthcare Technology

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Benefits of Nearshore Software Development vs Offshore

What is Nearshoring? Well when the need to partake in software outsourcing for your company there is normally one goal in mind, cost reduction. While trying saving money for a big development project or outsourcing in house IT services is important, it may actually cost you more when deciding to offshore your products or services. Below you will find the advantages of using nearshore software development vs offshore development. These are some of the major reasons why companies might shift to nearshore outsourcing from places like Latin America. However, the need for outsourcing can is more than just cost reduction for some businesses. So why do companies choose to outsource? Click to learn more.

Common Language

The dedicated teams we build have 100 percent English language proficiency. What does the mean for our clients? We understand communication in the nearshore development industry is key for assigning tasks, goals, and deadlines for the project. Being that development work can be complex, outsourcing your project has no place for a language barrier.

Similar Time Zones

With nearshore teams, the goal is to be within 1 – 3 hours of your regularly scheduled time. When outsourcing offshore, the time zone difference can create project bottlenecks that halt or extend past the deadline. With nearshore development services from places like Latin America, working in the same or similar time zones will feel like working with a remote hire! This improves development updates and team building vs waiting till the next day to get a response from your offshore partner. One of the most common issues when comparing nearshore vs offshore.

Related Business Culture

It’s no secret that choosing offshore outsourcing will have risks. Cultural differences can also play a huge factor into the results you get from your software development team. Working with a nearshore software development company with the same vision and goals of your business will help avoid common offshoring disadvantages like IP (Intellectual Property) theft, and workplace etiquette.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nearshore Software Outsourcing?

Nearshore software outsourcing focuses on reducing company costs while having the same level of talent and communication you’d expect when trying to hire locally. Using the U.S. as an example, a business looking to build or complete a project or product at a reduced cost will outsource the development work to a company that specializes in hiring a nearshore developers from Latin America. This process overcomes many of the traditional outsourcing disadvantages with the information technology industry.

Saving money is important for your company, However, there are greater advantages of nearshore outsourcing your developers that include a large selection of high-end software teams, similar workplace culture, and same operating time zones & languages. This is a common practice among the many of the top US businesses, which are considered “outsourced companies“.

What do you mean by nearshore?

Nearshore according to websters dictionary is “extending outward an indefinite but usually short distance from shore.” In the instance of nearshore software development, it’s when a U.S. business looks for a partner (like Sonatafy) that builds highly talented dedicated development teams within Latin America to fulfill your project needs. Click for a more in-depth definition on nearshore outsourcing.

This approach to outsourcing allow3s for more flexibility and security when compared to sourcing talent from traditional countries. For businesses that want to nearshore parts of their product or project, consider a hybrid outsourcing model.

What are nearshore projects?

Since we have established what nearshore outsourcing is, nearshore projects can be anything your business needs assistance by outsourcing talent close to your country. Typically, these projects are technology related, ranging from helpdesk support to developers that build custom software. Some of the most popular companies you know and love take advantage of this. However, what is the best example of outsourcing?

At Sonatafy, we have worked with many businesses in America to accomplish their nearshore software development goals. Companies like IBM, Cisco, Caterpillar construction equipment and many more! These companies understand the nearshore advantages. Click our case studies link at the top of this page to explore other businesses we’ve worked with and how each project went.

What is a “near shore” team?

A nearshore team will help a company with development work without the need to hire a full-time permanent in house employee. This is outsourcing but with a major advantage, the dedicated team you’re hiring is geographically closer to the homebase of operations.

However, building a nearshore team involves a lot of time and money. Having to gather a list of candidates, interview each one, vet them out to make sure they can do the job, and be sure they can work with your current team are just a few roadblocks to conquer. This process is also referred as the Business Process Outsourcing model (BPO). Interested in learning more about how intense and time consuming building a nearshore development team can be? We’re happy to help! Please see our detailed outsource business process article here.

They’re companies out there like Sonatafy that can streamline this process and provide you with a nearshore development team in as little as 2 weeks! Book a meeting today to get started.

Instead of having to go to the other side of the world looking for cheap and potentially headache educed labor, our nearshore software services emphasize a smooth transition from your in house staff to and outsourced one. Our job as a software development company is to bring you a complete team to fulfill any projects you want to build, maintain, or grow for your company. Think of combining the best traits of offshore and onshore software development into one.

Our goal is to provide your business with excellent back office team members that can fill the gaps for a project. In addition to software development, we can also provide front end IT helpdesk support. To learn more about front office vs back office click the hyperlink to be redirected.


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