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Sonatafy Technology is in CTRL in 2021

by | Mar 25, 2021 | All, Leadership, Programming

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

CTRL, 2020 took the wind out of most of us. The new normal definitely put a hitch in our progress and cast a pale on the dreams and aspirations 365 days ago. Regardless, we used this year to learn, adapt, and increase our professionalism and performance to continue to bring on steller engineers from all over Mexico and build successful teams for our customers.

The teams and culture at Sonatafy are growing rapidly. This is a great thing, but it comes with much responsibility. We are in the business of building high-performing teams that are 100% remote and that work on complex applications and deployments. It is incumbent on us to ensure that each engineer on each team is a trusted and valued member.

The Sonatafy team strives to be in CTRL at all times. This is how we hold ourselves accountable so that we are confident that our work is a rising tide to lift all boats.

We are in CTRL

Clarity Transparency Responsability Leadership

If your CTRL team is CLEAR on what they are working on, you can trust they are headed in the right direction. If you dropped a bunch of skilled carpenters on a job site with wood piled up in the center with no instruction, what do you think would happen? I am sure they would build something really cool and innovative, but do you think it would be what your customer is expecting?

If your team is CLEAR on what they are doing then you know you are at least headed in the right direction.

If you set brilliant engineers loose on an unclear path, you run the risk of the same thing happening. They will build something really cool and innovative, but it might not be what your customer or company needs. Letting them loose is good for 20% time but not for the hours you expect them to produce product(s) that move the needle forward.

It is a step backward when you hear a team exclaim that they are unsure when they can deliver. TRANSPARENCY is the only way to increase awareness and knowledge.

You cannot sell a product or a feature if it is not done. Our responsibility is to be vigilant in making sure that we are giving the best estimate of when something can be expected by our customers, stakeholders, and teams. Being a RESPONSIBLE teammate is straight forward.

I have spent many years working with teams to build strong, intentional leaders. If we can efficiently transform our technical and creative teammates into team LEADERS and give them a clear path, we ensure they are focused on detail.

Leadership can be found under every rock, in every ceremony, and at every point of contact if you work with your team and coax it out. If you have a passionate team that is focused on continuously improving themselves, their software, and each other, you are already on your way.

Sonatafy is committed to being in CTRL and has been helping software technology leaders increase their team size & efficiency with our nearshore development resources since 2014.

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