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Technology World Unknowns. What are the next Significant Business Disruptions?

by | Aug 13, 2022 | Leadership, Nearshoring, Programming

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

The current pandemic triggered leaders in the technology sector to think about the best approaches associated with technology disruptions as witnessed during the pandemic. With such troubles, companies need to stay resilient. Technology is constantly changing and evolving, requiring businesses to think of better ways to remain resilient despite the various challenges. Business continuity plans are vital for information technology (IT) since most companies rely on technology to reach clients, market, and establish an alternative means of conducting business. There must be sustainable IT strategies to ensure companies stay operational during crises in the future (CIO Dive). One sector to focus on is software development, where working with nearshore companies for US businesses is more beneficial.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Nearshoring involves adding members from a nearby country to your team (Brain Hub). The location has a similar time zone to your company’s site. This strategy leads to the augmentation of your software development team. This team augmentation facilitates quicker objectives and goal achievement in your group, contributing to a more proactive approach in IT (CIO). Nearshore outsourcing, especially in software development, is less complicated and less costly, as it makes it easier to have access to your outsourced team at any time for crucial discussions.Gartner explains that nearshore software development is among the composable technology approaches that could ensure your company remains operational during crises. Read on to learn the benefits associated with nearshore outsourcing.

Reduced Language and Cultural Barriers

Communication is vital in the completion of a high-quality project. The US commercial environment requires a software development team with a strong connection with pop culture, and politics, among other US aspects. English is the primary language spoken in the US, meaning the incoming team must be familiar with the English language for more accessible communication. Working with nearshore software development companies offers the chance to work with a couple of friends with the country’s culture and language, eliminating communication barriers (Data-Driven Investor). With technology constantly evolving and facing various disruptions, it is safer to work with a nearshore software development company that can be readily available, especially physically, whenever required to sort multiple issues associated with technology in the business.

No Hidden Costs

Outsourcing usually carries hidden costs that get revealed months into working with a software development company, especially with a company located far off. However, hiring nearshore software development teams for US businesses eliminates this threat. Transparency is vital when working with a software development company in a similar time zone as yours (Data-Driven Investor). This approach may assist your business in dealing with unforeseen problematic financial issues in the future. Considering it as one of the current recruitment trends due to technology disruptions, nearshore software development teams assist your company in saving time and money.

Possible Savings on Tax

Governments impose various taxation laws aimed at supporting the IT industry. This factor means that working with software development firms far off your company’s time zone may increase taxes based on the services provided. Major IT outsourcing firms prefer offshore development teams, which raises the tax. Working with nearshore software development teams contributes to reduced taxes due to working under the same time zone with similar taxation laws. US businesses should collaborate more with nearshore development teams to facilitate better taxation rates, contributing to savings.

Lower Cost

Lower programming rates are one of the main reasons most companies attract offshore software, development teams. However, the business owners do not realize that nearshore software developers can be equally low cost and much lower than offshore. The US dollar is a stronger currency than most countries’ currencies. This factor gives the US dollar an advantage., especially considering that most nearshore software development teams receive an average salary lower than the US. Considering the technology trends, reduced costs in software development save some funds, which can be applied in future technology disruptions to protect the business (Data-Driven Investor).

Protected Intellectual Property

Your software fully and legally belongs to you once the software developers fully develop it. Under US property law, your software is protected, and nearshore software developers assure you of this aspect. However, when you work with offshore software developers, this is not always guaranteed due to the different laws that govern property rights. With the changing dynamics in technology, it is vital to ensure that the software used in your firm strictly belongs to you to prevent disruptions in your business during future crises.

Top Talent Connection

Within your neighborhood, it might be hard to find talented software developers. However, your company and selection process are exposed to diversity when considering nearshore software development teams. The variety comprises gifted individuals capable of working and collaborating with you in the same time zone, making technology easier for your business (Medium). Nearshore software development companies increase your chances of accessing top talent within your time zone. This aspect also increases hiring ease as you can easily access talented individuals.


Your business could benefit from working with nearshore software development teams through enhanced access to nearshore-managed IT resources. Your business goals are currently tied to technology, and any disruption negatively impacts your business. Your business deserves to enjoy working with nearshore software development companies. Working with nearshore software development companies for your US business can significantly accelerate the business goals and the rate at which your products sell. Connect with us to explore various approaches to reinforcing your company’s technology in preparation for future technology disruptions. Stay ahead of your competitors in business through better preparation for future technology disruptions through working with nearshore software development companies.



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