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The Customer-centric Nearshore Software Development Company

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Leadership, Nearshoring, Press Release

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

Customers are a business’s most important resource, and knowing what a customer is looking for is vital for every business endeavor. Being courteous to customers isn’t all there is to good customer service; it is also about delving deeper to understand customers’ requisites truly.

A company’s success ultimately depends on its customer base – meaning what they have to say about a particular firm. How a customer views a business or company is an essential element for business operations since it impacts the bottom line and affects how the public eye views a company. Therefore, to truly attain access, putting the customer and their needs above anything else, is critical for a business.

Sonatafy Technology has earned quite a name in the market among the most reputable firms for exceptional customer services. The firm, known for nearshore software development across Latin America, was incepted to provide practical solutions to companies facing challenges in hiring the right talent. Established in 2020, Sonatafy Technology is a highly customer-centric company striven to match professionals that complement a business’ existing IT team.

At its core, Sonatafy Technology is a diversified company with its roots embedded in software compliance, scalability, IP Security, and long-term relationships. This makes the company customers’ “most preferred” choice to build solutions for SaaS, healthcare, life sciences, and financial industries.

Best of all, the company clearly understands the need for nearshore software development, supplying firms with teams that possess the same skillset and help improve their performance. The company has five values that make up its effective software development lifecycle.

The first step is auditing, where the company provides an in-depth evaluation of the client’s software assets and development process. After a thorough assessment, Sonatafy experts work with their client’s stakeholders, visualizing areas susceptible to ROI.

Once the company has carefully audited and visualized the client’s software development lifecycle, its qualified and experienced talent acquisition team pairs the client with experienced engineers. The Sonatafy engineers work with clients to identify their tooling, skills, and cultural needs to transform, verify and maintain their software development strategies.

Sonatafy Technology considers itself solely responsible for providing its client with the “best of the breed” in IT. To ensure everything is aligned and in check, the company has a rigorous selection process so that the clients can rest assured they’ve trusted the right company to augment their teams.

Moreover, the company boasts 2 to 6 weeks for putting together a qualified and specialized team of IT professionals, along with a less than 7% attrition rate.

Recently, the talented team of developers at the esteemed company has been focusing on designing Sonatafy Technology’s very own software, the Sonatafy Nexxus™. The Nexxus ™ software is being developed as an AI and machine learning-based tool for organizations to outline their criteria of the skills and required ethics in their team of engineers. The software has an automated algorithm that will match the company with the talent that fits their technical and business needs.

Sonatafy Nexxus™ will also serve as a tool for software developers and vet engineers to polish their coding and soft skills and improve their English proficiency.

In two years, the company has established and expanded its foothold across the US, providing its customers with exactly what they need. The company is moving forward, intending to become the leading nearshore software development service.

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