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Unlocking the TOP 6 ADVANTAGES of Choosing Mexico for Your Software Development Needs

Technology is moving fast and despite the layoff headlines, demand for software talent is at an all time high. In this article we’d like to share how Mexico has quickly become a leading country when providing tech talent in such a demanding marketplace.


Staff augmentation and outsourcing are familiar strategies commonly enforced by companies to compensate for the deficit of labor in this new era. The IT field is particularly one that has seen massive growth thanks to the rapid growth of technology, especially in application development. Despite the large pool of talent, there is a domestic labor scarcity and an alarming increase in wage inflation which forces organizations to look beyond their borders and acknowledge that skill cannot be tied to a specific region. Software engineers have mainly been scarce resources due to the unreasonable belief that quality software engineers hail from particular areas. However, that is gradually changing. In a world where IT contributes and almost defines economies, the political and cultural shift has led to the realization of exceptional employment opportunities and, by extension, the growth of nearshore markets such as Mexico. It also creates a competitive for professionals to thrive and a chance for companies to invest in new talent while maintaining the market’s stability.