Agile Consultation & Fractional CTO Services

Agile Consultation & Fractional CTO Services

 Consultation & Fractional CTO Services or fractional cto development

With over 100 years of combined experience helping companies increase their software engineering output and product development, Sonatafy can work with your technical leaders to layout efficient ways to create processes, build high-performing and cross-functional teams, start development projects, and ensure that the right technical decisions, leaders, and engineers are in place to meet your deadlines.

Fractional CTO Services
Agile Consultation

  Fractional CTO Services or Agile fractional cto services

Sonatafy can work with your non-technical founders and product teams to build a proper technical roadmap to create applications and features that will drive the success of your business. Offered as a stand-alone service or an overlay on the future augmentation of your software engineering team, we can work with you to understand your product needs and marketplace fit to identify the right technologies and technology professionals and to assist in strategic build vs. buy decisions.  Some of the key benefits of our fractional CTO services include:


  • Cost-effective compared to the overhead of a full-time CTO that is skilled in software engineering best practices
  • Enables business leaders to get software product development aligned with the goals of the business
  • Brings a credible third-party perspective on staffing and current technology needs.

  Agile Consultation or Consulting Fractional CTO services or proactive logic consulting fraction services

Are you considering moving to an Agile Framework? Are you looking for more efficiency in your current software development model? Sonatafy can help you understand and implement Agile Frameworks such as SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), TDD, and Mob Programming, to help you and your teams deliver faster, with fewer defects, and more communication between your customer, product teams, and engineers.

Our approach to Agile consulting services is oriented towards helping clients with a transformation that typically moves multiple teams into new ways of working while creating a management culture that supports this new approach to business agility and technology solutions. The results of our work are quantifiable as demonstrated by better decision making, higher team velocities, and more predictable delivery.

Sonatafy can help you implement the proper Agile ceremonies, work with your teams to further understand their roles and responsibilities, and build a continuous learning culture that will lead to increased organizational health and higher quality output where opportunities and threats are addressed quickly. Our goal is to help you make better decisions, faster!

  What is Agile and how can it transform your company?

Agile is a proven way to transform your business, catalyze innovation, and accelerate profitable growth. Sonatafy Technology can assist you to scale an Agile culture across your entire organization to improve time-to-market, boost the quality of your development, raise your engineering morale, and allow your product and engineering teams to adapt to an always-changing market.

Agile methodologies have become a common paradigm in the software industry and the software and QA professionals that Sonatafy employs are all well versed in the tenets of Agile and the tools and techniques used to create iterative and continuously evolving software. If your company is just getting started adopting Agile techniques, Sonatafy can also help guide you to adoption as this is most times a seismic and cultural shift in your organization. With almost 20 years of experience placing teams, creating processes, and analyzing what works and what does not, the team at Sonatafy can not only help you build an Agile software development team but also help you create the operations and values that the engineering department needs to repeatedly deliver success.

We’ve worked on hundreds of Agile projects at dozens of companies in most verticals, and our experience and understanding for creating successful teams will guide you in transforming your company into a  truly Agile enterprise. Sonatafy can work with your software teams, product teams, and executive teams to make sure that the Agile methodology gets stitched into the fabric of your company’s culture so your teams can remain nimble and responsive to changing market conditions.

Sonatafy will help you spot and overcome the cultural barriers that often derail Agile efforts, such as bureaucratic bottlenecks, poor collaboration, or misconceptions about which activities are well-suited to Agile and which are not. 

When properly implemented, Agile can enable you to outpace your competition, react quickly to changing market conditions, adjust the balance of innovation to routine work, and continuously incorporate customer feedback. It is a step-by-step approach to a truly transformational change in how your business operates.

  What is the meaning of agile?

The term “Agile operations” is a common term amongst development teams, yet it often has differing definitions. Some use the term when referring to the application of Agile development principles to run operations in many different areas of their company. Originating as a mindset to accompany a cultural change in how software is developed, Agile now spans many other areas within your organization such as manufacturing, customer service and success, and project/product management. 

Sonatafy considers Agile operations as a term to refer to the overall application of agile principles and methods for both development and operations in an organization.

To better understand this term, let’s break down the Agile framework.

  What is Agile or an agile team services?

The Agile Alliance defines “Agile” as “the ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.”  The founders of the Agile methodology consider the following characteristics as the bedrock of the Agile philosophy and sought to embed this in their approach as transforming software development. 

Sonatafy Technology mirrors the Agile methodologies’ main priority which is “to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” When we work to build software teams, we are focused on hiring and mentoring developers and engineers that hold this priority as their true north and rely on the founding principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

The team at Sonatafy emphasizes communication, flexibility, and functionality over time-consuming planning, process, and documentation so that our teams are able to deliver functional, competitive results more rapidly.

Whatever technique of Agile that you employ, be it Scrum, SAFe or Scaled Agile, LeSS, Kanban, or another derivative, we will work together to validate the effectiveness of the technique so your teams can continue delivering quality software with the pace to match your market.

  What is an interim CTO or chief technology?

There are times when your company might endeavor on a new technology path where you may find that you do not have industry or technical expertise in-house. Sonatafy can assist you by providing high-level technical guidance and oversight, as well as architectural and tactical support to mitigate risk and waste and ensure that your software products can meet the market demand. 

Sonatafy will work with your executive, product, and development teams to understand your roadmap and help you plot a successful and organized approach to software development. Our fractional CTO’s have extensive experience guiding organizations, building successful and continuously improving software teams and processes, and ushering Agile methodologies to maintain growth for years to come. Whether needed for a few weeks to set up initial understanding or several months to go from “Build v. Buy” decisions all the way to team construction and deployment of production code, Sonatafy can help you take best practices to make better decisions.

  What does the CTO position stand for?

The CTO or Chief Technical Officer is responsible for the overall strategy, construction, growth, and output of your technology departments, focusing on Software and Hardware development. This position is a critical component of your executive strategy and leadership team. With smaller start-ups or companies pivoting into a technology offering, this position might not be readily available. Sonatafy can help you bridge that gap by providing fractional support at the CTO level. We will work closely with you to understand your business directives and how they apply to your technical needs to build a sensible roadmap to success.

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