Codebase & Contribution Audit

  What Is Codebase & Contribution Audit?

Sonatafy can help your organization get code clarity on legacy applications, define a clear roadmap on your current applications regarding code quality and technical debt, and identify areas of refactoring opportunities.  Our Audit solution provides unparalleled insight into your code and development teams so you can make better choices and implement the right solution, faster.

How We Can Help You
How We Run The Code Audit 

Codebase & Contribution Audit  How We Can Help You

Many enterprise level software applications have grown very large for 5, 10 or 20 plus years.  It is common that some of the legacy code is not always following current best practices and organizations find themselves building new code on top of old or outdated code.  The “unknowns” of software and understanding engineering teams presents technology leaders with a large array of challenges.  Our software audits can help with the following situations:

  • Rapid Growth
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Digital Transformation

Sonatafy has partnered with an industry-leading code quality and contribution audit platform to quickly and thoroughly analyze complex code repositories to provide comprehensive reports on not only code quality and team contributions, but also dependency and architectural deep-dives so that you can quickly plan and optimize your software engineering efforts.

Codebase & Contribution Audit  How We Run The Code Audit

The Sonatafy senior engineering team will work with your development team to connect to code repositories that you allow us to access and from there, the audit will run and analyze all pre-compiled code and documentation. Once the audit has been completed, a comprehensive software audit report is created that will give you architectural and code-level insights, code quality metrics, testing coverage,  and areas of technical debt.

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