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The Efficacy of Efficient Software Development Teams

by | Apr 17, 2021 | All, Leadership, Software Development

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Software development teams are constantly trying to improve their process, working to deliver products more effectively and efficiently. Almost every development project aims to produce a high-quality product that meets project requirements and is delivered on time. And while every software development project is different, there are several ways to improve efficacy, helping you and your team reach your objectives.

It may be difficult to maintain productivity during the entire developmental process, and your team may face unforeseen roadblocks and challenges that prevent the project from moving forward. While building out your vision, you may also come to the realization that you’re missing key skillsets that are necessary to complete your project. Many teams find it hard to innovate or develop new solutions without the right IT team members.

Even though there are 24 million developers in the world, it can feel like it’s impossible to find the person that your project needs. That’s why adding a nearshore software developer can help you to bridge the gap between problem and solution.

Nearshoring allows you to hire qualified IT help at affordable rates and this type of outsourcing is currently worth $92.5 billion. Depending on your location, you might find it difficult to find the right employee who can assist in bringing your project forward. But with nearshore software outsourcing, you can expand your search to top talent that shares similar cultural values and often speak the same language.

Whether your team includes nearshore software developers or comprises local talent, it’s important to put protocols in place to measure and improve your software development process. Optimizing the development process and increasing the speed of product delivery comes down to pre-planning and metrics. Implementing the following elements into your next software development project can help you keep your team focused and productive.

Plan Ahead

While the developmental process may be full of surprises, having a plan from the beginning can help team members get a better understanding of what is expected of them. By planning, you can also understand the developmental tools required by your project and the team members or skills needed for the project. The planning process also helps you decide whether you need to utilize nearshore software outsourcing to complete your project.

Establish Strong Communication Channels

There are a lot of moving parts to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). To ensure that all team members understand where the project is headed, it’s essential to establish strong communication channels. This can be as simple as setting up daily or weekly meetings to discuss the project’s progress and establishing communication systems where updates and questions pertaining to the project can be posted. 57% of employees say that they aren’t given clear directions. This lack of clarity is often a reason why projects aren’t successful. The easiest way to improve collaboration and productivity is through effective communication.

Set Clear Goals

Even though your clients might not have a strong idea of the timeline for their project, you must set goals to keep you and your team moving towards a final destination. Setting realistic goals can help to create feelings of collective achievement each time a milestone is passed.

Efficiency is key in today’s development phase, and having the right team members can help you achieve this. At Sonatafy, we have years of experience in nearshore software outsourcing and work with some of the top talents in Latin America. Contact us today to learn more about how nearshore software developers can add value to your project.

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