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software development jobs in usa or software engineer jobs in united states

by | May 13, 2022 | Programming, Remote, Software Development

About The Author Steve Taplin

Steve Taplin, CEO of Sonatafy Technology, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in software development, MVP product development and the management of staff augmentation services.

According to research from LinkedIn, software developers and software engineers will be some of the most in-demand software jobs in 2022. Between 2019 and 2020, hiring for software development jobs in the USA, including software web developers, full-stack software engineers, front-end software developers, and others software developers, increased by approximately 25%. There are a plethora of companies looking to fill software developer positions, so it’s important to choose the one that’s ideal for you.

Traditional software job boards may urge you to comb through hundreds, if not thousands, of job advertisements to discover the ideal position. Finding recruiters with open positions that match your skills and expertise can be as simple as on IT job boards, especially those focusing on developers and IT-related employment.

This post will be your guide to jobs sites for software developers. We’ve put together a list of jobs platforms that will give you the best opportunities and services.


When it comes to freelance jobs employment, Upwork is one of the most popular options. Both developers and employers perceive it to be mainstream. People who want to apply can send their CVs with cover letters or ask an employer for an invitation to apply.

There are countless career opportunities available that demand various skills. Bookkeepers, SEO gurus, content writers, and software developers are all grouped together on one website. The site is also incredibly competitive. Due to its popularity and flexibility, many organizations post web development jobs in USon Upwork, and many remote employees use the site to locate good tech jobs.


TopTal is a freelance jobs marketplace known for stringent recruiting procedures and comparable popularity to Upwork. Due to how hard it is to hire people, more freelancers want to join the jobs platforms, and top companies use this job board to find the best people to hire.

TopTal jobs is more detailed about who or what career opportunities are available. Developers, designers, financial specialists, and project and product managers are welcome. It produces a well-defined community with an abundance of work opportunities.

Toptal jobs does, however, provide some small support options. One can make a phone call or send an email. There is no live chat, which is popular on other platforms. If you require assistance, you will have to wait.


GitHub Jobs is the official job portal of GitHub Inc., a San Francisco-based web-based hosting and software firm. You can blossom as a developer on Github, examine code samples from other pros, and discover someone to collaborate with based on their coding. GitHub Jobs was built with job postings in mind. They made the decision to take recruitment to a new level. Even though there aren’t many software engineering jobs in the USA, you can be sure that the ones that are there are the most interesting and safe.


Sonatafy Technology is an exceptional software, QA, and maintenance engineering firm that specializes in augmenting teams with competent, experienced, and educated professionals situated around Latin America. Sonatafy Technology focuses on creating solutions for the SaaS, Industries such as healthcare, biological sciences, and clinical because they understand software compliance, and scalability, among other factors in building long-term relationships. Sonatafy Technology offers career opportunities. Joining their team of experts can be a privilege.

Sonatafy Technology is based in the United States, but it has offices all over Latin America. It can put together the right team and provide support for critical-path web and mobile app development, testing, support, and maintenance in the same time zone.

Sonatafy Technology has a strict method for working with customers and candidates that guarantees success when helping current software and QA engineering teams reach their full potential.

Overflow Stack

The software development community loves Stack Overflow because it cares about its employees. They provide projects that piqued people’s interests and emphasize skill-sharing and growth. In open or private Q&A, users contribute their knowledge. It’s ideal for onboarding, discussing new job openings, and seeking the best available advice.


YouTeam is well-known for putting together development teams comprising software engineers and UX/UI designers. As a result, they have a strong network of software developers and employers.

Instead, they don’t hire freelancers; they target software developers who work for outsourcing firms in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. This enables them to form long-term partnerships jobs, engage personnel in long-term and large projects, and offer the greatest possible working circumstances for both employees and employers. It is simple to find full-time work here. Their long-term project policy may be inconvenient for those who desire to shift jobs frequently.


Indeed offers thousands of resources for IT developers seeking their next job. Indeed allows you to search by job title, keyword, or firm and rapidly filter by postcode, city, or country.


Tuts+, the popular blog, and online learning platform, also includes a job board where you may look for a developer and design jobs. Even better, the Tuts+ job board features listings from around the world. You might find the list is short, but it is often updated. You do not need to have an account to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a software developer a good job in the USA?

Software developers are ranked second on the list of best technology jobs. Jobs are graded based on their ability to provide an elusive combination of benefits.

How much do software developers make in the USA?

On average, the highest paying states and districts for software developers are:

  • Washington ($138,400)
  • California ($137,620)
  • New York City ($122,300)
  • Massachusetts ($119,790)
  • DC ($119,630)

Which city is best for software development employment or jobs in the USA?

The Washington, DC metro area

The typical yearly wage is between $96,289 and $106,917, and the typical rent in the city is $1,570 per month. Many professionals from various walks of life have begun their careers in the Washington, DC, area. According to Livecareer, the best place to find a job.

Where are the most software developer jobs in the US?

Washington, DC

Despite not traditionally being renowned as a tech hotspot, this city now offers a number of benefits to software engineers. It does not only offers a diverse range of job opportunities for this field, but it also has a low cost of living and a stable tech ecosystem that isn’t dependent on startups. It also has big tech companies, retail giants, and e-commerce companies, giving its thriving tech sector a wide range of options.

Which field is most in-demand in the USA?

Blockchain engineer

The demand for blockchain technology expertise has skyrocketed as more organizations use it for shipping, supply chain, manufacturing, and more. Over the course of the year, demand increased by 517 percent. Blockchain engineers make software for blockchain-based applications like digital identity, smart contracts, human resource management, and data archiving.

Who gets paid more: software engineers or developers?

According to PayScale, software engineers make an average of $83 060 per year, while software developers make an average of $69 560 per year. It’s possible that these earnings could vary based on whether you’re a junior or senior developer and the programming language in use.

Is Dallas a good city for software engineer?

A recent industry boom has given Dallas a rise to prominence as a top destination for software developers. There are over 2,000 software engineer job ads in Dallas, ranging from startups to large corporations. Dallas is an excellent city to live in because of its low cost of living, diverse economy, pleasant year-round temperatures, and abundance of things to do, such as visiting the Dallas Art District.

Which state has more software development companies in the USA?


Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area are the epicenters of the software industry, so it’s no wonder that California is at the top of the list. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that software developers in California earn an average of $206,000 per year.

Is Chicago a good city for software engineers?

A survey of incomes in ten main US IT hubs found that software engineers in Chicago earn the lowest wages, but Windy City becomes more appealing to techies when the cost of living is included. Research by Hired, a job search platform, found that software engineers in Chicago earn an average of $108,000 per year, which is the lowest amount in comparison to other major cities like San Francisco and New York City.

Which skill is in demand in the USA?

Python, SQL, and Java are the most sought-after programming languages. Among the most widely advertised software skills are those in Python, SQL, and Java. This was determined by the number of times each language appeared in a job advertisement on Indeed and other job-posting websites. According to Tunga’s research, Golang has the fewest number of advertised positions at around 2,500, while Python has the most at 84,000.

Which job is best for girls?

One of the top careers in the United States for women is that of a software engineer. For individuals who desire to start working in tech, software engineering is an example of a United States occupation for women with high compensation that also offers lots of room for advancement.

Which course is best for jobs in the USA?

Having IT abilities is a core technical ability in the US. Skills shortages are clearly affecting the IT industry. Hiring managers are having trouble filling vacancies. Unsurprisingly, computer science is a popular course in the US. IT graduates can expect good pay and a wide choice of work opportunities in the US and globally.

Which state is best for IT jobs in the USA?


California is one of the greatest states for IT workers because it is home to many IT, technical research, and programming organizations. While Silicon Valley is the most well-known place for IT work, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Davis are also key employment centers. Computer programming, technical equipment manufacture, telecommunications, professional services, and artificial intelligence research are all possible career paths in California. 

Which city is best for software development jobs in the world?

Silicon Valley is located in San Francisco, California, USA.

It is impossible to discuss software engineering without addressing Silicon Valley. It is estimated that San Francisco has more software engineers per capita than any other city in the world. Glassdoor recently ranked San Francisco as the third-highest paying city for software engineering employment, with over 2,000 job opportunities in the city alone. Silicon Valley is home to some of the most well-known and successful tech businesses, such as Alphabet and Facebook.

Which country is best for software engineers in 2021?

According to Indeed, the United States is the highest-paying country for software engineers, with an average income of $110,638 in 2021. Thus, the monthly compensation of a software engineer in the United States is $9,219. In the United States, junior developers earn $103,382 annually, while senior engineers with 6 to 9 years of expertise earn $121,484. San Francisco is the highest-paying city for software engineers in the United States.

What is the hardest state to get a job in?

Nevada is one of the most challenging states to find full-time work in because 13.1% of the workforce is underemployed. The average unemployment rate is 6.4%, the second-highest, and the median wage is $33,700, which is the 21st lowest. The workforce grew at the 22nd-smallest rate, at 0.9 percent.

What states are the easiest to get a job in?

Colorado has an unemployment rate of 2.8% and a labor force participation rate of 68.5%, which are job growth factors. US News & World Report ranks Colorado as the second-best economy in the US in its 2021 Best States rankings.

What is the best state to live in?

The World Health Organization says that a person’s quality of life is how well they can meet their needs, achieve their goals, and deal with their concerns. Things like a person’s housing and income and more abstract things like health, education, and safety affect how delighted they are.

Massachusetts has provided humanity with some genuinely remarkable technologies and ideas. Massachusetts is the best state in the US to live in. Massachusetts is number one in education and number two in health care. The state also ranked seventh in economics and fourth in crime and corrections, according to a WalletHub report.

Is America a hard-working country?

The United States ranks tenth among the world’s hardest-working nations. Americans labor an average of 1,786 hours per year, putting them just behind Poland and the Czech Republic. In the United States, workers don’t have the same rights as workers in Europe when it comes to paid sick leave and paid maternity leave.

Who are the hardest workers in America?

According to WalletHub’s analysis, Anchorage, Alaska, is the hardest-working city in the United States. Every week, workers put in an average of 40.8 hours, with an average commute of 18.7 minutes, an average leisure time of 3.4 hours per day, and an average income of $58,989.

Which state works the most hours?

According to new WalletHub research, Alaskans are the hardest workers in the United States. Alaska not only has the greatest average number of hours worked per week, but it also has the highest percentage of full-time workers over 65.


Software developers are employed by businesses of various sizes. Big firms usually employ a huge amount of teams and provide more opportunities for collaboration, such as when software developers work on a small part of a larger project. They may be in charge of development teams. A software engineer’s role may blend more thoroughly with a developer’s in a smaller setting. More and more software engineers work from home these days, with flexible hours and little face-to-face interaction with coworkers.

Now that you’ve learned where to look for software development jobs in the USA, you’re ready to contact the talent acquisition team at Sonatafy Technology, where you can apply for software engineer career opportunities with US-based companies. Need to freshen up your interview skills? Check out this video.


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