QA & Maintenance Specialists  QA & Maintenance Specialists

QA & Maintenance Specialists

QA & Maintenance Specialists  QA & Maintenance Specialists

Software Quality Assurance is a crucial part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that defines and measures the adequacy of the software process. A properly implemented QA process reduces the number of defects in releases, reduces time-to-market, enhances customer satisfaction, and lowers the cost to maintain the software application. Sometimes due to time or budget concerns, organizations do not include proper software quality assurance as part of the SDLC or just do minor, simple testing before a software rollout. When this is not implemented correctly, the overall quality of the application can suffer greatly, leading to end user dissatisfaction and frustration.

Quality Assurance
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QA & Maintenance Specialists  Quality Assurance

The quality assurance team from Sonatafy is ready to provide full-time QA engineers to contribute to your project’s quality and success. Our quality assurance software team testers are skilled, talented, and detailed. We can quickly staff your QA needs from manual testers to automated testing engineers that will help you build a battery of tests to verify your software is shipping with minimal to no risk.

A proper software quality assurance process  should correspond with a range of requirements to ensure the final rollout of a product is of hiqh quality and virtually bug free. The following are some important quality assurance factors:

  • Performance — the capacity to perform transactions under a specified workload with the adequate response time
  • Extensibility — the ability to add functions to the existing system without damaging it
  • Usability — a simple and clear interface
  • Security — the ability to protect personal data via authorization and authentication techniques
QA & Maintenance Specialists  Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with staff augmentation. Our professionals work to supplement your current staff, complete any particular projects, and meet critical deadlines. Augment your department with our QA Automation experts to help assist you in your long-term success.

Our teams are well versed in regression, usability, functional, pixel-perfect manual and automated testing. Are you having a hard time making sure all tests are run and pass? Call us today to see how we can help you save money, increase your test coverage, and keep your customers happy.

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