Types of Computer Software: The 2022 Types Guide

Types of computer software

Everything You Wanted to Know About Types of Computer Software: The 2022 Types Guide

What are the 3 types of Software?

The software world is advancing, and it is currently impossible to operate a company without software technology. Businesses across the globe are turning to software technology for ease of management and communication. Software is the backbone of technological software advancement that allows companies to run their daily endeavors fluidly.

Software technology automates a company’s day-to-day tasks and eases management, and businesses use software technology to identify their progress and any lag in their activities. Software Technological advancement plays a crucial role in determining the company’s software direction. The Software reduces a company’s workload by automating software activities that would otherwise be cumbersome. The duties performed by developers are vast, many who dont understand ask the common question: What is the role of software development? Instead of doubling the size of this article, click the blue text for more detailed information. 

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What is Software?

A software computer comprises two main parts: the Software and the hardware. While the hardware encompasses the computer’s physical features like the screen, the motherboard, and the mouse, a computer’s Software deals with the invisible software. The Software covers computer software applications, software programs, and software scripts that run on the computer.

Here is what software is defined as according to Wikipedia (1) :

“Software is a set of computer programs and associated documentation and data. This is in contrast to hardware, from which the system is built and which actually performs the work.”


Software is, therefore, a set of software data, software instructions, and software programs that invisibly operates a computer and execute software tasks. Computer software is divided into two broad categories: software application and System Software. Application software is tasked with the core function of performing software tasks like playing music or browsing. System software, on the other, helps to run the computer hardware. The computer, for example, cannot automatically run without the aid of the software operating system.

Typically, you’ll work with a software engineer or developer depending on the goals of the project. These classifications may not be as similar as you might think. We wrote an article diving deep in the subject. To learn more, click on software engineer vs developer.

The 3 types of computer software

Application software

It is a package that helps the computer to perform a particular task. The most common application software is a computer software package that performs a specific software function for a user, or in some cases, for another software application. Application software can either be self-contained or a group of software programs that help run a software application.

Every computer user uses software application software in their everyday interaction with their computers. The application software helps simplify your work and aid communication between individuals.

The following are examples of application software:

The Microsoft suite


software Microsoft Office

software Microsoft word

software Microsoft Excel

software PowerPoint

software Outlook

Internet browsers


software Chrome

software Mozilla Firefox

software Apple Safari

software Internet Explorer

software Microsoft Edge

software Opera

software UC Browser

software Brave

Music Software


software Pandora

software Apple

software Spotify

software Music

Communication software


software Slack

software Skype

software Zoom

software Teams

Business Application Software

Business software computer application software is a category of application computer software that is very vital in the computer software business. It helps to facilitate the efficiency and accuracy of specific computer business software functions. Business application software is the backbone of a business’s productivity and time software efficiency.

The following are the five software types of business computer application software that help run the day-to-day activities in companies:

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management computer software, also called CRM, is a business application software that helps to store and manage a customer’s information intelligently. Computer Software can keep, review and analyze a customer’s data, allowing a company to increase the number of leads coming in. Computer application software helps a business’s sales team close deals faster and helps the industry find new customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Almost every company uses this type of business computer application software. It is also called ERP, and the Software computer comes in a bundle of integrated applications whose sole purpose is to store, review and manipulate computer data from various business operations.

In supply chain management, for example, ERP will help to intelligently run a financial computer analysis and predict the company’s future sales and stock. The prediction will help the business computer manager do what it takes to keep the inventory healthy.


A computer database is an electronic arsenal of information that a computer user keeps for future reference. The user will visit the computer database often to review and update certain aspects of the computer information that might change with time.

The database, therefore, helps to centralize information like product inventory and marketing activities. The database helps to communicate the progress of the company and is vital because, without a centralized point of information, a company cannot tell its progress.

Project Management Software

Project management software is part of business application software that helps plan and execute projects in a company. The Software as well helps to manage resources associated with specific projects.

The software assists companies in scheduling, assignment of tasks, managing budgets, documenting progress, and reporting the results. Basecamp is the best example of project management software that most companies use.

Business Process Management

Business process management, also called BPM, is a business computer software that helps to discover, analyze and optimize business processes. It helps coordinate the behavior of other computer systems and employees in a company to help produce the desired outcome.

Why do Businesses Require Application Software?

Technology is advancing, and you don’t want your company to remain in the archaic methods of running the business. The modern logistics of running companies are complicated, and you might be in for your company’s downfall unless you embrace technology. You, therefore, need the right tools and software applications to run your business operations smoothly.

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The following are some of the reasons why businesses need application software in their operations:

To Enhance Security

Malware is a serious threat to most businesses in the modern world, and globally, a business fall victim to malware every 10 seconds. Traditional Software is not tight enough against the sophisticated malware threat. Modern businesses use unique application software to prevent the company’s data from being accessed by an unauthorized external source.

Ease of Customer Engagement

For any business to run, there must be a constant customer flow. Therefore, the company’s crucial role is maintaining its clients lest they look for other sources. Clients would fall for a company with experience, fluidity of services, and good customer relations. It is impossible to please thousands of clients if a company goes old-school. Using state-of-the-art application software will help a company manage orders and sales.

The computer Software accurately coordinates a fluid chain from the production to the distribution department. The Software best promotes effective communication between the company and the customer and aids their satisfaction. The application software avails real-time information about customers’ order statuses and helps the employees deal with any problem that might delay a client’s product delivery. The amount of work that the Software does is enormous. It helps keep a company’s clients satisfied and prompts them to return for more, thus boosting the company’s sales.

Increased Sales

A company’s application software will lead to an eventual boost in the company’s sales. It helps boost the efficacy of the company’s intricate network to keep it ahead of its competitors. Using traditional tools will only lead to a company’s progress lagging. In a world where technology is progressing tremendously, the company will be in for an eventual downfall in the market.

Custom-built Software will help differentiate a company’s services from the rest of the market. It helps make the service delivery of the company top-notch. Nothing makes clients happier than having their goods delivered on time and finding the necessary help whenever they need some. Therefore, adopting state-of-the-art application software is the genesis of a company’s progress. 

Learning about the software development process will give you more insight into the innerworkings of what is take to build custom software. It’s a common question that we answered here: What is the basic software development process?

System software

System software is computer programs that are designed to run computer hardware as well as application programs (2). System software acts as an intermediary to coordinate the activities between the computer’s Software and hardware. To understand a computer’s system software, think about system software as a layered model where the system software acts as a link between the hardware and other user applications.

Examples of system software

Windows Operating System programs are the best example of a computer’s system software. It consists of system software like windows, mac, and android, which allows a computer user to operate an application software program like an internet browser or Microsoft. It is impossible to merely use the computer’s hardware, for example, to browse the internet without the help of system software programs.

A game engine is another example of system software. The Software is a platform that allows individual games to run.

Computational science software programs is another example of system software or software development. It is scientific software scientists use to solve scientific problems and engineering principles.


Utility Software

Utility software is another type of computer software whose function is to maintain the normal functioning of a computer system. Utility software helps the operating system manage, organize, and optimize the computer system. The Software helps perform specific tasks like application installation, detecting viruses, and deletion of unwanted junk.

Utility software is, therefore, the part of computer software that helps keep the computer in good shape. Just like maintaining your car engine by regularly changing its oil, a computer uses utility software to keep it functioning at optimum health.

The following are 7 types of utility software:

Antivirus: utility software that helps combat viruses from affecting the computer. Viruses are malicious computer Software that eats into computer files and corrupts the system. Some of its examples are McAfee Antivirus, Quickheal Antivirus, and Windows Defender.

File Management System: this is Software that aids in the management of files on the computer. It aids in the browsing and previewing of these files because they are centralized. Examples include Windows Explorer, Double Commander, and Directory Opus.

Compression Tools: utility software that helps to compress big files on the computer and decrease their size. These tools include WinRAR, WinAce, PeaZip, and 7-Zip.

Disk Management Tools: it is a part of utility software used to manage data on computer disks. They help patronize devices and manage drives. Examples of the tools include MiniTool Partition Wizard, and Paragon Partition Manager, among others.

Disk Cleanup Tool: they help clean up junk and unwanted files on the computer. Examples of these tools are Razer Cortex and Piriform CCleaner.

Disk Defragmenter: Defragmenting files in a computer means rearranging and storing them in a shared location. The Software helps to ease the access of the files. Examples of the files include Perfect disk and Deflrager.

Backup utility: this Software helps back up files and folders on the computer. The tool helps duplicate files for easy access if the data is accidentally lost.

Some Additional classifications of Computer Software

The following are additional classifications of Software that are effective in the running of daily businesses:

Freeware Software: it is Software that doesn’t require paid licenses to use. They have no restrictions on how you use them or the number of times you download them. Examples of freeware software include Adobe Reader, Audacity, and Recuva.

Shareware Software: it is Software whose designers distribute for accessible trials. Shareware software designers offer software versions for a certain period so that the user might pay for it later. Shareware software includes Adblock Plus, Skype, and Fireball, among others.

Open Source Software: it is a code that’s meant for public accessibility. It means that everybody can use, modify and even distribute it when they deem fit (3). The Software includes GNU/Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and VLC media player, among others.

Closed Source Software: the source code of this Software is not entirely free. The Software is meant for purchase, and the developer is always there to support the user.

There is no denying, therefore, that Software computer influences our daily lives. You are already utilizing Software when you wake up and reply to an email regarding some delivery. Consequently, trying to run a business without considering inculcating software technology is a dream. It will be a miracle to receive a single positive review from a client if you operate a company without using technology. Tim O’Reilly said, “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”


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