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UI/UX Designers

UI/UX Designers   UI/UX Designers

Sonatafy’s nearshore model will locate and hire experienced and professional UI/UX Designers and Developers to assist your team while you build engaging mobile and web user experiences that correspond to the trends in design for applications. When starting a project, you must have a clear vision of how your customers and users will be interacting with your application and on what devices they will be working with. Having a sound UI/UX team can be critical to delivering that top-notch user experience and interface that takes your project to the next level.

Sonatafy can help you find those professionals and augment your teams to assist you in building a best-in-show user experience that retains your customers and users and allows you to deliver the technology that drives your business.

Our Process
Common Technologies Used

UI/UX Designers   Our UI/UX Design Process

Sonatafy-placed UI/UX designers will strategize with your team and develop an effective design prior to the development stages of your applications. We will adapt to your process or work together to create a new process. We can help you follow agile development processes with daily interactions from our nearshore resources that work on the same time zones are your team.

Through decades of experience, our team has found that the key to every UI/UX project is making sure to conduct the appropriate end-user research.

Some key items to consider for this research are as follows:

  • What are the major pain points the end user is currently experiencing?
  • What functionality does the end user require?

The Sonatafy team will work with you to plan the design for a new application or to enhance existing features of an application. Some key things we focus on are overall look, design, flow and the mobile responsiveness to ensure the interface adapts to screens and devices of different sizes.

Benefits of a high quality User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX):

  • End user satisfaction, which typically results in loyalty and meeting their needs so they continue to use your application
  • Competitive edge by ease of use and strealimining your application process flow for customers
  • Reduced software development costs by making the flow and process easy

Common UI/UX Technologies we use include:

Web & Mobile Application Developers   Cloud Platforms and Technologies

We have been working DevOps and Back-End developers with extensive expertise with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Whether focused on Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Serverless and Microservices architectures, or Hybrid Cloud applications, Sonatafy can source and vet experienced developers to help extend your teams output.

Common Cloud Platforms and Technologies we use include:

Communication and Business Process Tools   Communication and Business Process Tools

Our engineers will use your tooling and communication applications. Whether you are a Jira, Confluence, Slack shop, or you use Microsoft Teams, our team will adapt. We support all versioning systems from Git to Bitbucket, and all of our engineers will be able to attend all meetings with clear sound and video capabilities.

Common tools we use include:

UI/UX Designers UI/UX Designers & Web Designers

If you’re still not sure what a UI UX designer is or does or how hiring one can help your business, here we explain it in more detail. A UI UX designer can help your business because of how consumer expectations have evolved due to more and more companies working to create better experiences for them. In the past, web designers only created functional websites, without much concern about what the experience would be for the users visiting them. Websites were very plain and practical and navigation was clunky or even just confusing. Since almost all websites were like this, users didn’t have many choices. Websites weren’t hurt by a bad user experience as much back then because there weren’t very many examples of great user experiences, so consumers were tolerant.

Big tech companies started paying attention to user experience. As they started to analyze user experience, utilizing customer interviews and some degree of psychology, they started to make big improvements in this area. As the contest for the top-ranking position in search results became more competitive, there has been an increased shift to user-experience-oriented web design.

User experience has become even more important now that mobile users account for half of the Internet traffic throughout the whole world. Jessica Wong says on Forbes about being mobile-friendly that “…it’s important to optimize your content and your website as a whole — shorter forms, a convenient checkout process, a clear navigation path, a prominent CTA, etc. In other words, simplifying your site’s UI/UX is the key.” When a site is optimized for mobile devices, 74% of people are more like to return to it after visiting it for the first time.

If you have neither the time nor the resources for IT staff augmentation and to hire a whole dedicated team to keep up with these trends, you aren’t alone, but you also can’t afford to ignore how user experience might be impacting your business. In this article, we will explain what UI UX design services are, how they benefit your company, and how you can go about finding the right UI UX designer for your business.

What Is UX?

UX refers to a user experience. A user experience is any interaction a potential customer has with your website, product, or service. This includes:

  • The first impression users have of your website
  • Ease of navigation
  • Visual appearance
  • Trustworthiness of your brand
  • Ease of canceling an order
  • Ease of changing an order
  • The simplicity of the sign-up or check-out process

The user experience also includes the content on the site and concerns whether it is effective in persuading people to sign up or make a purchase. A positive user experience leads to user satisfaction.

What Is UX Design? What Is UX Design?

UX design involves a plan on how your website will look and work so that it makes using it enjoyable and easy. Good UX design must meet the user’s needs, be easy to use, give the user control, and surprise and delight. UX design takes into account the user’s needs, motivation, and frustrations. Good UX design will meet the user’s needs, satisfy the user’s motivations, and eliminate the user’s frustrations. A website this is confusing and difficult to use lacks good UX design.

What Is UI Design? What Is UI Design?

UI design refers to user interface design, which is more of a focus on the visual aspect of webpages and the website as a whole. The user interface includes elements such as buttons, sliders, fonts, layout, and color schemes. While general graphic design is a part of UI design, its effectiveness is measured in the way the user responds to it rather than merely through aesthetics. If users seem to miss clicking a button, for example, the issue may be with its size, position, color, or font. Effective user interface design contributes to a positive user experience, so user interface is an important part of user experience but still a distinct subset of web design.

What Do UI/UX Designers Do? What Do UI/UX Designers Do?

A UI UX designer needs to analyze and understand the user experience, which can be done through analyzing data or conducting customer interviews or surveys. The UI aspect means that the designer needs to create an environment that is visually pleasing and intuitive. The UX aspect means the designer then needs to evaluate areas where the design needs improvement and generate ideas on how to find solutions to problems users have when interacting with the site. The designer creates and then tests the solutions with a prototype. The designer will continue to work to improve the user experience over time by fine-tuning it to make it the most positive and pleasant attainable.

How Can UI/UX Designers Help My Business? How Can UI/UX Designers Help My Business?

UI UX design can help your business by creating a more positive user experience and customer satisfaction with your website. This can help your company in the following ways:

Increase conversions

A visitor that is frustrated or confused is less likely to make a purchase or sign up for more information than one that has a positive user experience. If your business has been using the same web design for years but has been experiencing a drop in conversions, this may be because your competition is giving your potential customers a better experience. More and more major corporations are focussing on user experience which shapes their customers’ frame of reference. Website visitors who have been exposed to a better user experience elsewhere are more likely to lose patience with a site that does not meet their increased expectations.

Increase search ranking

Search engines, such as Google, have made it no secret that they are prioritizing user satisfaction over mere keyword matching that encapsulated the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the past. As Eric Samson wrote in Forbes, “If your SEO is is too robust (with overstuffed keywords), user engagement might begin to suffer and conversion rates might reduce…finding the right balance between SEO and UX is imperative from the beginning stages.”

Now, users must feel that they are highly satisfied with search results for a website to appear in the top position. This not only means answering user questions, providing information, and presenting well-written, easy-to-understand content, but websites must also show trustworthiness and display expertise and authority on the topic.

The same issues that affect conversions also affect SEO, because users will not feel satisfied with a website that provides a poor experience in comparison to other well-known sites. Your business will lose out on organic traffic if a poor user experience causes your site to drop in the search results for queries related to your business.

Repeat customers

A positive user experience means that customers are more likely to come back to your website and use your service or buy your product again and again.

Increased word-of-mouth advertising

A user that has a positive experience with your website is more likely to share it and refer others to your product or services.

How Do I Find UI/UX Designers? How Do I Find UI/UX Designers?

UI UX designers are located all over the world and are able to work on your website remotely. This means that you not only have access to the most skilled remote designers, but also the most affordable. Rather than spending the time searching worldwide for the right designer, you can utilize web design outsourcing to take the hassle out of finding the right person.

What Is Web Design Outsourcing? What Is Web Design Outsourcing?

Web design outsourcing refers to the practice of contracting with a third party to handle your web design needs rather than hiring someone in-house or remotely. Project outsourcing allows you to continue to focus on your business and avoid adding new departments that distract from your company’s main business strategy. It also allows you to have access to a wider range of talent, innovation, and unique perspectives than hiring just one person. You can also save time by forgoing the search and interview process, as well as the time spent hiring and overseeing the designer.

Nearshore UI/UX Designers Staffing with Sonatafy Nearshore UI/UX Designers Staffing with Sonatafy

Sonatafy specializes in finding the most experienced nearshore UI UX design talent that your business needs. Nearshore means that the designers are working remotely in locations such as Latin America, South Africa, and Eastern Europe. This gives you access to high-quality, English-speaking professionals to supplement the shortages found in the United States that are driving domestic labor prices up in this field. Find out how Sonatafy can help your business give your customers the best user experience possible with nearshore UI UX designers by booking a meeting to discuss your company’s strategies and goals. Contact Sonatafy today.

Web & Mobile Application Developers Q&A

How do I find a UI UX designer?

Book a meeting with Sonatafy to have access to nearshore UI UX designers that can help you give a good user experience to your customers.

How do I hire a UI UX designer?

We will walk you through the process of finding and hiring the right UI UX designer for your needs.

Are UI/UX designers in demand by 2021?

The demand for UI UX designers is increasing as more and more companies understand the benefits of utilizing their skills.

Is a UX designer a web designer?

Yes. UX design is a specialty of web design. Not all web designers are UX designers.

What is the difference between UX and UI designer and web designer?

A web designer designs the layout and graphics of a website. A UI designer designs the user interface with a focus on making it aesthetically pleasing to the user and easy to use. A UX designer analyzes how users interact with the design and develop design improvements to give a more positive user experience.

What is a UX web designer?

A UX Web designer is a web designer who specializes in designing websites that generate a positive user experience.

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

UI design concerns the user interface, which includes buttons, sliders, fonts, color schemes, and what the user interacts with when they visit a website. UX design has to do with what issues the user has with their experience and what solutions can be implemented to solve problems to improve the user experience.

What is an example of UX design?

Apple’s IOS 14 is a great example of user-experience design represented by the home screen and its highly-customizable functionality as well as the autonomous organizational features and interactive app widgets. Apple made these design changes to enhance the user experience.

Which is better: UI or UX?

The user interface has a lot to do with the user experience, but there is more to user experience than just the user interface. Both are important for a customer to have a positive user experience.

What do UX designers do?

UX designers plan a website design that gives the user the most positive experience possible, and then analyzes and evaluates the user experience to find ways to improve it.

What is an example of UI design?

A good example of UI design is a microwave oven. Most microwaves are not intuitive and users have to learn how to use them rather than having a clear, easy-to-understand user interface.

Do all web designers know how to do UI and UX design?

All UI UX designers are web designers, but not all web designers are UI UX design specialists. That being said, most web designers are cognizant, to some degree, about the user experience, but a web designer would not test and analyze user experience the way that a UI UX designer would.

Do all UI designers know how to do UX design?

UI design does affect user experience, but not all UX designers specialize in UI design, and not all UI designers specialize in UX design. A UX designer that does not specialize in UI design might recommend changes to the user interface that a UI design specialist might implement and then test those changes.

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